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A Hard Line on the REST of the Oath

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BS-87 - not sure where you are going here with your claim of abuse. I am, however, laughing my head off at the accusations of me being a liberal. Is it my background? I can understand your concern.


My wayward youth with the left wing United States Marine Corps unit?

My evil indoctrination as a researcher at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace?

The outlandish publication I ran as the editor of a weekly Review paper? (patterned off of the first one - the Dartmouth Review)?

My party registration as a Republican since the day I turned 18?

Perhaps it is that nonsense graduate degree in Business that identifies me as another relative morality hippy.


I will admit to lambasting my party for their abject failures in the law of Thrifty, and self-identifying as a Libertarian due to my disgust with the fiscal ineptitude of the Republican party over the past many years. I don't think that turns me into a liberal, however.


None of this has anything to do with my desire to ensure that all leaders in the Boy Scouts of America best represent the ideals as enshrined in our Oath.


No gays

No fatties

No idiots


We must follow the path led by our betters, and have Dean Wormer's immortal words be added to the Adult Leader application,


"Fat Drunk and Stupid is no way..." to be a Scout Leader.


Now - whose with me?

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Man - I just violated mentally straight.


That should be "Who's With Me!!!!!"


I will admit that this topic was meant to be slightly tongue in cheek in s Swiftian way. Scoutfish does make a good point - do we do a good job of making ourselves better examples of the Oath? Do we call ourselves out when we violate one of the Laws?


At least once per year my Scoutmaster's minute focuses on my own violations of the Oath and Law. I make a public apology to the boys of the Troop for not following the ideals of Scouting as their Scoutmaster.

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If all scouts and scout leaders were held to a literal interpretation of the Scout Oath the BSA would entirely disappear overnight. A nice concept but totally unrealistic in todays world.


jrush- In reply to your comment "the Catholics get morally straight." The Church hierarchy has a real credibility issue with that for centuries and into today. The latest issue of a news magazine on the cover has characteurs of the most radical extremists in the world today right next to the President of Iran the largest figure is Pope Benedict waving his crozier in anger. So it all is a matter of perspective.

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Oh my!

The very idea of a group of old timers with hairy legs and bad fitting hair-pieces burning their beads!

If that doesn't teach em? Nothing will.

"I used to an occupier and good Old occupier too

But now they call the coppers, I don't know what to do?

I tried burn my beads, but couldn't find a match.

Think I'll join the Girl Scouts.

They'll think I'm a real good catch!

Ea.(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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