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A Hard Line on the REST of the Oath

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The BSA takes one hard line in the interpretation of the Oath: Morally Straight means no gays. Some have argued that they do not want the example of a gay Scout leader.


So how about other obvious violations of the Oath?


Physically Strong: If you are fat, get out of the uniform. We can set it so that if you can't qualify for Philmont, you obviously do not follow the Physically Strong aspect of our oath.


Mentally Awake: Any belief in Astrology, a numbers system for Las Vegas, or other beliefs that can not stand up to scientific scrutiny, perhaps you are not a good example for the boys.


Duty to Country: If you have not voted in 75% of recent elections, you are not fulfilling your duty.


Why allow the hard line nitpicking on just one issue - let's start excluding the rest of the people who don't follow our Oath.

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Don't sell the uniform in any size past Large.. Can't fit the uniform, can't be in Scouts!


I always thought mentally awake meant no daydreaming and getting all A's & B's on the report card..


What about the stinky kids that don't shower while all week at camp.. Or is it that they are out for swearing..

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You know, I think the BSA needs to have a "Set the Standards for the Scout Oath" conclave.


LDS gets to set the standard for "Duty to God", the Baptists and Catholics get "Morally Straight", the military organizations get "physically strong", the PTAs get "mentally awake", and all the service clubs get "Duty to Country".



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The level of intolerance shown by those of the liberal school of thought for the freedom of association and first amendment in general is astounding.


This thread is a great example of how persecution of morality contrary to the secular-liberal religion has truly become mainstream.


I'm sorry Horizon, but I do not wish to buy your pseudo-inclusive morality.

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packsaddle, that was certainly an interesting read. It took everything I had to not chime in and resurrect the years old thread! I wonder what ever happened to that poor woman? There have been many male leaders I would love to have pulled aside and given instructions on how to dress appropriately, believe me. But, since I am not perfection by anyone's standard I've accepted that they care enough to be involved in the first place and figured if the parents of the scouts closest to them are happy, who am I to interfere?


See, I guess my attempts to sit on my hands and type nothing were an abject failure! HA!

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Ahhhh, moosetracker and them other scouts......


SO your telling me your boys ain't never stank, ever???????


Heck after a weekend with out a shower I stink......my shirt tails are untucked.


Heck I am fat too.....


the way I see it if you exclude the fat guys from scouting then half of the troops and packs will no longer exist.





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our scouts and our leaders never stink, nor are they ever dirty.


What you do not realize is that we take LNT seriously. We are a green pack that does not like to undermine the natural odor the body was designed to create during the removal of excess water during the natural cooling proces.


Also, as innovative leaders in keeping the environment as natural as possibler. we do not use water in a way as to promote waste and un natural pollution in the form of deterganet and shampoo.


Besides, if we had to make ever leader and scout wash up whilel camping...we'd have to line ever scout up at least 10 times a day and leaders at least 3 times a day.


Seriously though...Horizon has a great point and something that needs to be looked at closer. Are we just inforcing certain rules as they are convienent for us and help us select who we want , or do we enforce some rules and ignore others b ecause BSA has a value of worth set to them?


Kinda like sins. People tend to take some sins seriuously, and others are laughed off....but the bible never said sins were broken down into big sins, small sin, or barely sins.


Just like a sin is a sin.....a rule is a rule..and the oath is the oath.


Of course as far as uniform sizes, you couldn't cut them off at large. A 6'9 tall by 300 pound man might be propotionaly perfect and twice as agile, strong and enduring as the average 130 pound 5'8" male.


But what about the single, Sm who smokes, goes to singles bars when not at troop meetings and turns out all those notches on his hiking stick are for conquests outside scouting?


How about the chain smoking DL or committee person who buys a case of beer and 10 pounds of Velveta , and 3 packs of brats for the big game?


Is the Dl, COR, SM/Cm divorced and remarried? Is divorce okay since it means that the whole "Til death" part was broken. Depending on your faith, was the divorce annulled by the church?


yeah..Horizon asked a great question. But the real question is this: Can we thruthfully and honestly answer it? And are we ready for the answer when we hear it?


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What if we do like big business and industry: buy credits when we cannot met or stay in the limits? Use too much energy? Buy more energey credits.


Can't stay within the emmissions limits? Buy emmissions credits!


Can'r stay within the scout oath? Buy Oath credits! :)


Bet council would jump all over that!



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