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Crony capitalism and job creation

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Because it would be a "fair tax" meaning everyone would have to pay it equally


Yah, that's the point I reckon ;).


What yeh want to do is not have da government determine how to respond, eh? Just to accelerate da pressure to respond a bit ahead of what supply issues are goin' to do to oil prices anyways.


It might mean smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. It might be more telecommuting or public/shared transportation development. It might be bicycles. It might be some enterprising young engineer comes up with a funny new engine that runs on grass clippings from your lawn. It might be an aggressive shift in housing away from sprawling suburbs and into higher density housing with shorter commute times. It might be a lot of pluggable hybrids and natural gas conversions.


Yeh let the market determine what the best response is, because it's going to do that far better than a bureaucrat or a politician tryin' to buy favors. One way or another, people and da market will figure out how to make things work in their life, even though they might have to do things differently.


And yeh should take a look at Simpson-Bowles to see what kind of a positive impact on da deficit even a simple 15 cent a gallon tax has. Heck, gas prices seem to fluctuate that much each week.



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