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The Republican Field

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Yah, I confess I haven't been doin' my due diligence and watchin' the early debates. And it's hard to get good info from da press or propaganda operations. But I figure some folks here are closer to da ground, so to speak. They've actually lived with some of the candidates in their state or district.


So I'd be interested in sharing insight. Information on stuff that is practical and real and doesn't make da media or gets spun wrong. Or just your thoughts.


Like we tell scouts and venturers during roses & thorns, every person's perspective is valuable, eh? It gets us information from a different viewpoint, and even if it's not information we agree with ourselves, it at least helps us understand how other folks are thinkin'.



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Closest thing I can think of for this region is Gingrich, but you already know about him. Smart, very good historian, and willing to do almost anything to promote himself. It's all about him. At the risk of slandering a magnificent group of animals, he's a 'snake'.

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The "cleanest" candidate I see is Ron Paul. No hidden agendas, no hypocrisy...what you see is what you get. I agree with most of his platform, but I'm afraid he is viewed as a "nut" (a la Ross Perot), and won't gain enough support without pandering to special interest groups. Those who speak truth and common sense instead of empty promises are generally unelectable. Shame.

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I confess Mitt Romney proved himself to be an effective chief executive while governor of MA and I think would be an effective President if one can get by his shameless pandering on social issues.


The Republican candidate I'm most intrigued with is Huntsman. He seems to be able to play well with others, and has held his ground on some contoversial issues. Would like to learn more about him.





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"It's really Jeb Bush's turn in 2012."

And there I was thinking it was Chelsea's turn!


Rick was supposed to be from to live in PA??

As you might imagine, I never had much time for him.

He is a very ambitious little fellow, who is very well connected.

But like so many right wing twits he seems to have a knack of opening his mouth, saying something really stupid and then either blaming someones else, being targeted by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, or just trying to do damage control.

There was a big fuss near to where I live about where Santorum really lived?

The house he was supposed to live in near Pittsburgh was rented out and he lived in Virginia.

His kids were enrolled in the Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter school.

When the school announced that it did not believe Santorum met the qualifications for residency status, because he and his family spent most of the year in Virginia. They demanded repayment of tuition costs totaling $67,000.

Needless to say like all good right wing twits he weaseled his way out of it all.

A Pennsylvania state hearing officer had ruled that the Penn Hills School District had not filed objections to Santorum's residency in a timely manner and dismissed the complaint. Santorum hailed the ruling as a victory against what he termed "baseless and politically motivated charges". (Am I the only person who sees a trend?)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education agreed to pay the district $55,000 to settle the dispute over money withheld from the district to pay for the children of U.S. Senator Rick Santorum to attend a cyber charter school.

This "Fiscal conservative" was OK with leaving the PA tax-payers to pick up his bills for him.

Santorum has frequently stated that he does not believe a "right to privacy" exists under the Constitution, even within marriage.

The guy thinks of himself as another Winston Churchill.

Churchill was a conservative, a great leader in a time of need and could at times be very funny.

Santorum is a conservative.

But that's about all.










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Ron Paul.


They don't come any cleaner.


You may not agree with him, but at least you know exactly how he'd govern and where he stands because his record has been impressively consistent for 30 years and based on principles versus party lines. Of course this means he's often the 1 in a vote that went through 434-1...


No Patriot Act, No Obamacare, No Undeclared Wars.


Free trade with all, entangling alliances with none.

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Yah, I gotta agree with BS-87 on that, eh? Representative Paul is a straight shooter. I actually sat through the Iowa candidate's debate on YouTube. Just part of doin' my homework. What a bunch of pandering weasels.


Did yeh check out the Daily Show bit on Ron Paul last week, BS-87? A friend sent it to me. Pretty funny. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-august-15-2011/indecision-2012---corn-polled-edition---ron-paul---the-top-tier



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They're ignoring him because, like you Beavah, in comparison to the rest of that 'figure quelconque', he looks like a 'liberal'.


Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :)

(can you hear the maniacal laughter all the way up there?)

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Being an Iowan who attended the straw poll, I find myself liking Bachmann, Perry, Santorum (kinda), and Cain. I met and talked to all of them. Also met Pawlenty and Ron Paul. He (Paul) makes me nervous, to be honest. In person, he doesn't seem to be hitting on all cylinders. Cain was very positive but doesn't poll well. Perry wasn't there but have met him at another occasion before Ames. Santorum went out of his way to answer my 14 year old's questions. Bachmann gave clear answers to all questions put to her. My two cents.


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Just noticed this interesting article:



"So what do Tea Partiers have in common? They are overwhelmingly white, but even compared to other white Republicans, they had a low regard for immigrants and blacks long before Barack Obama was president, and they still do."


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