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I live in Georgia. We have peaches. (Also pecans and peanuts, but that doesn't enter into this story.)


Georgia has a Peach Festival. It happens ...y'know... when the PEACHES come. Which is late May thru early August, most years.


I had an out-of-state relative ask me, when discussing a possible visit, when the "famous" Peach Festival happens.


"That's usually the 1st or 2nd weekend in June," I told them.


"Ohhhh, no," they replied. "It would be way too hot to visit in June. Darn! I want to see the Peach Festival (*sigh*). It's a shame they can't do it when it's cooler. How come they do it in June? Why can't they move it to another month?"


(*Doing my best to sound diplomatic*): "Um...well...see... the peaches are HARVESTED ...in... y'know... JUNE and JULY. May there's Memorial Day, July there's Independence Day, and we do the Peach Festival in ...June. Because... that's when the PEACHES are y'know...here."


"Well. I just don't see why you'd schedule ANYTHING when it's that hot outside. It just doesn't make sense."


Okay, then. (*facepalm*)

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Tell them you will freeze some peaches then when they come visit in the cooler weather you can have a family frozen peach festival!!!


That's ok.. I was surprised yesterday, we have a Lupine festival in New Hampshire. I was thinking it was because our state flower were lupines. I am sure I remember the festival being billed that way.. Co-worker said I was wrong.. She was right we have the Lilac.. I guess it is a flower, but always think of the Lilac as a bush, not a flower.. That's ok, my co-worker who corrected me on the Lupine not being our state flower was sure it was because it is the State flower of Maine, found out she was wrong.. Maine is the pinecone.. (ever seen a pinecone flower??)..


No.. Texas is the Lupine, but not the Lupine as we know them which are like colorful petals shaped like corn nuggets.. Their Lupine is totally different..

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Ok now, on the count of three, eveybody:


Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore

Galloping through the sward

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore

And his horse Concorde

He steals from the rich

And gives to the poor

Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore.

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore

Riding through the night

Soon every lupin in the land

Will be in his mighty hand

He steals them from the rich

And gives them to the poor

Mr. Moore, Lupin donor, Extraordinary.



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No.. No.. No..


Lupines is the flower..


Professor Lupin.. no "e" is the werewolf of Harry Potter..

OGE - never heard of that poem or a lupin as money.. But you don't have no "e" neither! I guess Robin Hood stole Dennis's thunder.


So no festival for our cubbies, and no money for you either, although if you see Dennis Moore send him my way, I could benefit from his generosity..


(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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Last Memorial day:


Pack takes trip to Battleship Cove to sleep on WWII battleship USS Massachusetts located in Fall River MA. Fall River has been a major Port in Mass since the late 1600's has been twice declared a Superfund cleanup site by the EPA.


Mom asks 2 questions: Are we taking a cruise while we are here? Ok understandable but for the fact that the ship has been stuck in the mud for four years (literally)

Are we going to be swimming and jumping off the boat? See a bove pollutin references, the fact that the ships deck is 30+ feet from the water and into open ocean?

I walked away and let our CC deal with her.


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Best one I had was when I was doing a Civil War reenactment. I was wearing a blue uniform. Two female spectators (aka 'taters') approached me and the younger (mid-30's) asked me if I was with the north or the south. I answered politely. Then she asked me which side won and I politely answered that too. The elder of the two (her mother) was upset with her daughter, said, "For heavens sake, Mary, you should have known that, you're a school teacher for crying out loud!" It's always good to listen to your mother the first time.



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When my son was 5, he asked my (then) 40 year old brother in law what other countried did for the Forth of July.


WEll, they had a long discussion about diferent cultures eating different foods, different festivities, dancing, signing, etc..


I get my son not connecting July Fourh as an American Holiday, but my 40 year old Brother in law....who was also a former Coastie and USCG reserve?



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