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What "was" your first car?

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I learned to drive in a mid 60's F350 6 wheel dump. Mostly backwards. My family owned a logging / tree service company and I used to drive it with the chipper attached backing up to the brush piles all day.


My car was a Ford Maverick with a 302 V8 stuffed under the hood where an inline 6 should have been. Doors were one color, the hood another, the rear quaters were rebuilt using Centery21 signs (from an agent who went out of business). It was short on looks but it embarrassed many a Camaro and a few Mustangs.

I had a "real" job by the time I had all the body work done and the whole thing one color (primer gray but one color just the same). I gave it to my sister and her new husband as a wedding gift. They ran it for a few years and sold it to a friend who ran it on the dirt track.



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Yes, it probably would be, but the floor rusted out of it years ago and I got rid of it in the early 70's.

My brother was looking at purchasing a 1961 Corvair van. That was a neat van, but the guy sold it before my brother could get back to buy it.

Oh, well.

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Well, I just bought my first car last Friday. A '92 Toyota Celica GTS. This car is older than me, but so far it is running pretty nicely. No excessively strange noises, and it has turned on everytime I've asked it to. A little work and it should be a pretty nice car.

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Welcome to the first car club PJ. I hope you have as many good times with yours as we seem to have had with ours.


Oh and on a side note thanks for pointing out that a car manufactured the year I graduated from high shool is older than you are. . .;)

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Let's see...that means when you were born, pchadbo, I was bumping along in my second car through the mountains of Mexico, south of Oaxaca, with a couple of extremely uninhibited women who befriended me because I could intimidate the local men who kept 'approaching' them (they referred to those men as 'boob- and crotch-grabbers'). But we never had any problems while we were all together....wistfully thinking...man...that was a great trip.

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My first car was a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville. That thing was a tank! When we traded it in my junior year of high school, I think we got $1500 for it. Tires were old, one passenger door didn't even open, and the gas gauge did not work. And the CD player that my sister had put it in was taken out the day before it got traded in.


Then I drove a 2001 or 2002 Chevy Malibu. Great car that was previously a rental vehicle. It lasted a few years before dying during my sophomore year of college. My brother was driving it in town the night after I got back from college for winter break. The radiator was cracked or something like.


Now I'm driving a 1998 Chevy S10 extended cab. My dad has had the truck since 2001 and now I've had it since 2009. It's a great truck, but starting to show its age. Third door is broken and the AC doesn't work. Rust is also starting to show up..


My first purchased vehicle may come in the next year or so. I'm hoping to save up working and living at home so I can purchase a new vehicle with cash..

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65 chevy Caprice w/283 big car small engine. it was 10 yrs old when I got it. One of those"if you can get it running it's yours" replacing the motor mounts was the hardest part.


65 Olds Toranado. Classic until it rusted out in Michigan winters


68 Nova w/ 350

73 mercury Capri (loved that car)

some others in between

83 Volvo 240

then a bunch of mini vans

now F150 super crew. Troop loves that truck!

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