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"'God Save the Queen'

Yeah, the Sex Pistols had a really nice version of that one"

Have just been hit by a mental image of what the Sex Pistols might have done with the Star Spangled Banner!

Think it's best if I don't even go there! (And I'm not going to comment on the title of the album!)

I used to work after school at a store across the road from where the Sex Pistols got started.

On the outside the store had a big neon clock which ran backward it had in blazing neon lights "To Fast To Live To Young To Die".

I always thought it was kinda strange that across the road there was a pub that had been there for eons called the The Worlds End. -It served a good Cornish Pastie!


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Sometimes I do get a little annoyed at all the "glamourization" of the anthem. And yes I think she might have gotten the words right, would've been nice. On the other hand, I do a lot of public speaking in my day job and have had moments where some very strange things have come out of my mouth - just thankful it wasn't on tape/in front of millions of people. But at least it wasn't RoseAnn Barr! (do you all remember that one?)


An aside - having grown up on the border, I always thought that every sporting event and public occasion started with both the US and Canadian national anthems. I got so used to it that it seemed strange and incomplete to hear just the American anthem by itself. And frankly, I like the Canadian one better because I (and most people) can actually sing it!





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I didn't mind so much that she made a mistake with the words. What I didn't like was that for the second of the song you can't hardly understand what she is singing. I think she might have lost focus after she messed up the line. I know I probably would have.

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Just to comment on how this fits into the whole reporting of the Superbowl - from my perspective after checking out the local papers (now granted, I'm from Chicago so there may be some bias - but still).


So the big news from the Superbowl:


1) Christina Aguillera flubs the National Anthem - lots of folks upset.


2) Groupon offends people with an ad that seems to make light of problems in Tibet.


3) The best ads are the ads for Bud Light and Doritos, and both involved dogs.


4) The Black-eyed Peas were just so-so.


5) Adorable kid in Darth Vader mask has heart condition.


6) 400 people who had tickets weren't seated because the stadium wasn't ready.


7) Puppy Bowl


Somewhere about a distant 20 or so: The Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl.


Yep - it actually took some digging this morning to actually find an article that reported on the actual game, and which team won.

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At least with Roseann, she purportedly sung it that way on purpose, not sure if that makes it any better...


was a hoot seeing her demolished in the snickers commercial


Probably one of the most forgotten moments in Super Bowl Half time history was when Kid Rock came out in a US flag poncho. He had cut a hole in an American Flag and was wearing it as a poncho/top.


I thought he would catch heck for sure, then the second act came on, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and the infamous Wardrobe malfunction. Come Monday morning Kid Rock's esoteric fashion sense was way down the list of things to talk about.


Loved Whitney Houstons Anthem just in the SUperbowl just before Dessert Storm

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I'm just glad she actually did the anthem live, instead of pre taping it , and then lip syncing it during the performance. Within a couple of years, we'll have forgotten about it, and every now and then we'll have one of those "Oh,Yeah, that did happen" moments. I thought that Lea Michele did a great job on "America the Beautiful"


Now,as a North Texas resident, I am so glad this media circus is over! Last week was just one kidney punch after another. Between the bad weather, and the constant barrage from all the media, local and national, I'm ready for a little peace and quiet.


One of the few good things I heard consistently, was the outstanding work and spirit of all the volunteers who helped out around the area. Leave it to the volunteers to make a good first impression.

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Why on Earth is it customary to sing the national anthem at sporting events? I think it cheapens the effect.


Long ago, Earnie Harwell, a very devout man, suggested that Jos Feliciano sing the national anthem for the world series ('68 Tigers/Cardinals). It got a lot of press and 95% was negative. I thought it was great. The next summer, Jimi Hendrix performed the national anthem at Woodstock, essentially to the clean-up crew.


Painters paint, singers sing and pop stars sing like pop stars. Some of my favorites were Robert Goulet (gets a pass due to being Canadian) whose singing style was very traditional but he replaced the lyrics "dawn's early light" with "dawn's early night" and was crucified in the press. The best rendition I've ever heard was at the NBA all-star game by Marvin Gaye.

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I don't have a problem with her putting her own style on it. She looked like she was trying and so I appreciate the effort and sincerity.


Having forgotten my own cell phone number on occasion and also had a "brain freeze" reciting the Lord's Prayer in front of the congregatin I can relate to (and forgive) forgetting a line in front of that many people as long as it was just stage fright. It's not like she changed the words on purpose to make a political statement or anything (which I would have a problem with).


I agree that the players and coaches could stand still and show a little respect. I make my 7th grade football team stand with helmet under arm and hand over heart. It's not too much to ask.

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Thanks for all of the different opinions.


My next question would be this. If people really don't give a flying rip about our great country's national anthem, why even bother singing it at all since no one can seem to muster up even the smallest measure of respect for our country or the flag it represents. Do you think there would be anything said if a bunch of uniformed scouts and scouters just decided to sit down or chew gum and look around during the singing of the anthem?



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Yep, she miffed it up. Yep, if you're a musician playing live -- if you make a mistake, make it a big one! It happens. She's been singing the National Anthem since she was 11. I was a part of one of the half-time shows in the '90s and during the rehearsal the artist messed up something important to him and asked to repeat it until he got it right. No one's perfect.


Use it as a life lesson on "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice means a shot at a good performance."

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Eagle007, what on this thread gave you the impression that people don't "give a flying rip for our country?" That is not the impression I am getting as I read through these comments, so maybe it is a matter of interpretation. But the impression I'm getting is that people are, by and large, agreeing with you - while also recognizing that performers are human too, and honest mistakes (while unfortunate) do happen. I also see no one here taking the side of the fidgety football players.


And I also wonder, a la acco, why do we start sporting events w/ the national anthem, anyway? It does seem a bit strange, now you mention it. Continuing attempts at mass political socialization? But then again...if you want to conduct an interesting examination of social behavior, go to the local HS football game and watch how people respond to the anthem. I've noticed the response in such a setting is actually a great deal more respectful than one might find at larger public events, and people even SING.





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