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Palins Alaska?

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Geez youse guys give us Kalifornians a hard time!


You may now know this but CA has ( IMHO ) a very strong Scouting program despite this states propensity to attract more nuts than a walnut orchard.


**start good-natured dig **


And I'd like to point out that the World Series trophy resides out here on the Left Coast this year, ya know. My beloved Giants finally did it!


**end good-natured dig **


Ahnold is gone. Long live Gov Moonbeam II.




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I watched it and I liked it. It shows several things, in my opinion.


1. She is a Mom and she cares about her family

2. She cares about her State. She is selflessly promoting Alaska when she really doesn't have to

3. She is a VERY hard worker. I'd like to see any of you get on a fishing boat and do what she was doing, or on a slime line, for that matter

4. She's an outdoorsman. She shares alot of the same passions that we do here, camping, canoeing, family values


As for those who simply want to rip her for "quitting" on Alaska, I'd say this....she stepped down for several reasons. First, she knew that she was going to have her personal life drug through the mud (and she came out pretty clean, I might add); and she didn't want Alaska attached to that.


Second, she realized that her family was more important. While she could have continued in the role of governor, she chose her family.


Before all of you get bent out of shape, she does have to make a living and going on book tours is no different than taking a business trip. I challenge you to see just how long she is separated from her family at any one given time. It isn't any different than any other author or business person in America today. We should not vilify her for a standard that is acceptable to everyone else.


Third, most don't like her because she's honest, straighforward and the antithesis of what the establishment expects. She speaks her mind, she is pro-woman, she is pro-family, and she doesn't worry about what the MSM has to say.


Finally, I support her, not because she's a Republican, I support her, because she embodies all the positive outcome that women have struggled to achieve in the last 100 years. I'm not talking about the Sanger/Steinem wing of women's rights, but rather the authentic application of women's rights, in the vein of Phyllis Schlafly and Jane Roberts.

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Palin had to quit as governor of Alaska. The left-wing loonies filed enough frivolous ethics complaints for Palin to run up over $500,000 in legal bills. You can't pay those bills on a $125,000 salary. As long as she was governor, the lefties would continue to attack.

Now that she is no longer in public office, the legal attacks can't be used to drown her in debt; and she can make mucho bucks selling books.


One of the unintended consequences of Sarah Palin being the boogie-woman of the left: she is the most thoroughly vetted presidential contender, ever! If there was a spec of dirt in this woman's past, we already know abouty it!




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I think Sarah is the best thing to happen to the Republican party.


She's all about getting in there and doing the right things that American people really need and keeping the values that the founding fathers sacrificed for and offering the hope and new beginnings that so many of our hardworking people should have and moving forward to keep liberty and security from being taken away from our children by those who wish to destroy our liberty and security by undermining the American dream and destroying the very foundation that our founding fathers scarified for and the lamestream media keeps reporting and destroying the dreams of Americans to promote their socialist agenda and also too.


Her daughter is also a really good dancer.

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@ Gern....


"Her daughter is also a really good dancer."


I know that this is to be taken with a grain of salt, but.....


If the idea of the show is to be taken seriously and not simply turned into a popularity contest (which is another thread altogether), I agree with you. When Bristol started, she was awful. I mean stinky. But as the show lumbered on, she actually got better and by the end of the show, she WAS the best dancer, based upon where she started.


I'm just sayin'.


As for the rest of your post, I agree with that too. You said it very concisely, even if the grammar was terrible with the run on sentence. However, I have a sneaking suspicion was probably intentional.

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What I like best about Sarah is she doesn't get bogged down in the details of what needs to make America great but just shows how great America is and how the founding fathers intended it to be and so to do such great work for America she doesn't allow the lamestream media to paint her into a corner by asking her about how to keep America great also because Americans rose up and refutiated the inside the beltway crowd and sent a message that these momma grizzlies are out here, working hard to keep America great and doing the hard work that Americans do to keep it great and not be paling around with terrorists or destroying the great country our founding fathers intended it to be.


Alaska is a beautiful state also too and I thank Sarah for that in addition.

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