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Another gay man plans to sue BSA

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Beavah writes:

What yeh want here is to lobby to change the law. To convince other people of the fairness and reasonableness of that, eh? That's da proper way to change the marriage statutes, to convince your fellow citizens. There are no short-cuts.


No Beavah, Loving vs. Virginia took a "short cut", way before a majority wanted to recognize mixed-race marriages.


But that's one thing courts do -- they demand that the law be followed, even if some people don't like the implications. Some state judiciaries have done this with gay marriage.


PS: John-In-KC, I was in LA since Wednesday night for the Firesign Theatre shows in Hollywood. I had read about this more than a week ago but didn't post anything since there wasn't much really new.

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"Marriage" is a right. But is marriage only "marriage" when it's between a man and a woman or can marriage also be between two (or more?) people of the same gender (or various genders in a polygamous relationship)? The way some states have defined marriage, it's sort of like saying that all men are legally entitled to have a Prince Albert piercing. By definition, a woman can't really have that kind of a piercing and advocating that women be legally allowed to have that kind of piercing is nonsensical. You can get whatever piercing you want and call it a Prince Albert piercing, but it won't really be a Prince Albert piercing because that's not how a Prince Albert piercing is defined. By legal definition, in some states, the idea of two homosexual people getting married is just as nonsensical because that's not how marriage is defined -- marriage is only between a man and a woman and thus the right to marriage can only occur between a man and a woman.

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It's not that easy to designate some things. Priviledge or right...or a grey area in between?


You have the right to vote until you get put in prison. Then you lose that right. So wait a minute, was it a right that was "de-righted" or was it a priviledge that was taken away.


Or are you just priviledged to have that right?

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