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Obama refuses to sign Eagle certificates

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Bando, I'm sure there's many reasons people at the Hill don't want him at the Arena in the next couple of weeks. Politics could definitely be one. But also some of them flat out just aren't interested because of the mess having the President creates. I was there in 2005. Yes, I WANTED to see President Bush speak. But the security fiasco that went along with it led to a less than desirable experience. For one thing, trying to get 75,000 through security just created havoc. And then the rules were different depending on the gate you were sent to.


If I were to have attended Jamboree this year (would have liked to) then I would have likely chosen not to go to the arena show just to avoid all the hassle.

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Bushwah and bullhockey.

Every where you meet this kind of stuff, it needs to be met head on and the truth put to it.



Strictly speaking, they are "signed" by machine, not by the President's own hand, still, he has NEVER refused to "sign them.


It is the same with any rumor or half truth. The hard part is finding the truth to confront it with. Sen. Al Franken, when he confronted Limbaugh and others with their caterwaling, none of them, to my knowledge, could answer him when he pointed out their inconsistancies and catches in outright lies (see his book Lies and the Lying Liers That Tell Them, for some head shaking entertainment).


AND, by the way... Mars will never appear as large as the moon in the sky...



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WEll, it's not so much Obama himself that we have as an honorary president, but the position of office itself. The (office of the) President of the United States is honory president of the BSA...what trumps that?




Thing is, can you say that you did hear this from every other president?


I haven't.


But then again, I do not pay extra attention to what each president personally things about every little thing.


Not that you could really seperate truth from spin anyways! :)


In the end, it's all about publicity, votes, and bragging rights:


President says he supports something( doesn't matter if he really does or not) - this gets him and the "something publicity and attention.


This in turn can bring in a ton of votes. It also brings in bragging rights for the "something", which in this case is the BSA.


It's a win-win situation all around.


If Obama or Bush, or even Clinton said the BSA was a bunch of wasted time...what would we lose? How many scouts would suddenly drop from the rosters?


Unless the parents were over enthusiastic political junkies...nothing would change!(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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President Obama's signature was probably being printed on Eagle certificates even before he knew himself that it was traditional "protocol." There is a cadre of folks who take care of all that nicey-nice public relations stuff for every President.


He has no honest reason for not accepting the title of honorary president of BSA. Despite his politics, he should clearly see the good that our organization does. Plus I wouldn't think that he would want to alienate that voting block.


Were the President to show up at Jamboree, he would be greeted with a level of enthusiasm that he probably wouldn't see just anywhere. Regardless of his policies, our Scouts have been trained to think for the most part that, "Our Country is Great, and Our President is Good." They would give him a rousing welcome. Gee, in such a setting I might even whoop and holler a bit.

Although I might feel bad about it the next morning.....:p

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Oh, I have no doubt our scouts would show the utmost respect and enthusiasm to be addressed by their president. I hope it happens.


But in the off chance that some on the fringe did display unacceptable behavior, I'm confident that FoxNews would edit it out so as to avoid any appearance of being less than fair and balanced.

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"Regardless of his policies, our Scouts have been trained to think for the most part that, "Our Country is Great, and Our President is Good."


Good point! Texted with my son as he was on a tour of Washington DC before arriving at Jambo. As souvenirs for himself he purchased a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


What more could we ask for from our kids? These young men truly are the leaders of the future.



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I have no doubt my pack would show the upmost respect if he showed up.......if they recognized him that is!


WE did a welcome back greeting of WW II vets retrurning from the WWII memorial in DC. The boys were lauging and joking, cutting up, being all antsy ( you know....boy stuff) . But as soon as we told them that the vets were about to step through the doors, they all stod up, snapped their atrms up in a salute and ....honestly..surprised me with how well they stood at atention and saluted the WWII vets as they walked off the plane.



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When I read all of this, I'm happy that I'm a Queen's Scout.

My certificate is "Signed" Elizabeth R.

This doesn't by any means mean that I'll be taking up fox hunting anytime soon!

OJ's Eagle Scout certificate is signed by President Bush. I never was or will be a "Bush Fan". I'm left wondering how I would have felt if my certificate had been signed by Marget Thatcher? I never liked her very much. Now Winston Churchill? That would be really cool!


(As this thread is where it is, I'm happy to let it ride, if only to show how messed up Fox News can be.)

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This should hopefully wrap up both the initial confusion-causing post and Ken's questions. The folks at ScoutingNews.org published a letter from National to councils that reads (emphasis mine):


There appears to be some confusion as to President Barack Obamas relationship with Scouting. To ensure that each of you has factual information if this issue comes up, please review the following statements that will assist you with questions.


1.President Obama is the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America. He accepted this honor soon after his inauguration last year and we appreciate his desire to serve in that position.


2.President Obamas signature is on the Eagle Scout pocket card and Eagle Scout wall certificate. As with any change in the administration at the White House, there is lag time between when the new president takes office and the processing and licensing of his electronic signature for our documents.


3.The President of the United States signature has never appeared on any of the lifesaving awards.


4.Although he was unable to attend the 100th Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C., in February, he did send a very nice letter to congratulate the BSA on its centennial. That letter can be viewed at http://ww2.scouting.org/100years/100years/sitefiles/1000/Celebrating100Years/Presidential_Letter.pdf


The Boy Scouts of America has always respected the office of President of the United States and will, as always, respect the holder of the office. Jim Wilson, Director, Communication Services


It's at http://www.scoutingnews.org/2010/07/02/president-obama-bsa/

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