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Whether we good old boys like it or not Social networking is here to stay until it evolves into something more.


I have struggled with this issue. Initially I had one facebook account, then Cub parents started to invite me to be their friend. Well some of the parent and friends didn't like each other all that much and fights ensued on my wall. No thanks. Interestingly enough some of the things I enjoy in life just don't get along. Sport bikes, guns, hunting and life long companions don't get along with urban sensibilities of a young single vegetarian mom. While some have made comprises in their lives to participate in scouting I will not.


I will never change who I am or what I believe, but in order to control the drama I have two facebook pages. One is title something along the lines of Scouter BOB and the other my real name. One is exclusively scouting and scouters. the other is Family and friends.


It is none of the Cub family's business if I had a good time at the OBX or Disney or whether I am a member of the Gun lovers facebook page. they don't need to know if my friend bob got his.......tattooed again, or if my mom has breast cancer. It simply isn't any of their business.



I am heavily committed to scouting, it is one aspect of my life.



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I have a facebook account, and anyone who looks at my pictures, friends, or groups will know that I am a Sea Scout and proud of it. Of course I am just weird like that (I actually wore my uniform to school one day). I never actually friended my mom or dad, I use facebook to keep in contact with friends I left when I moved, and I don't think that they need to know what I am telling my friends. I do know that they can see what I am doing easily enough so I make sure that I am always within the bounds of what I consider scoutlike. I did friend my grandma though, so that is another incentive to watch what I post. :D There are a few friend that I do not actually know in real life, I met them through facebook games and other than in the game we have no contact, but most of my friends on facebook I have actually met and like.


A couple of you guys have mentioned stuff coming across facebook that you don't like. You always have the option of deleting that post from your wall, or removing that friend, or 'unliking' that page or group. You can also block posts from certain people so that their activities don't come across on your page. It really isn't difficult to do this, you just have to look in the right place.

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Basement has the best suggestion. I told my teacher wife to do the same thing not too long ago. She runs one FB account for family and friends, and another FB account just so her former students can keep in touch with her.


The teacher account she rarely checks, and only does so if someone has direct messaged her or if friend requests are pending for her approval.


I will do the same when my young Cubs become old enough to have FB accounts and want to be my "friend".

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FB is something my council has embraced. Several of the districts have a FB page, the Council has a FB page in which the latest news is announced, i.e. the new YPT requirements, the lodge has one, and 2 of the council's camps have one.

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I have a FB Account.

I accept Friend requests from my Scouts. I tell them that I will never post directly to their wall. I also tell them I reserve the right to ask them about anything they post during a Scoutmaster's Conference.

I have fraternity brothers from college who have scanned old photos and tagged me. My past is certainly public.

I have been friended by many members of the Troop leadership, and several folks from Council.


I share campout photos, service photos, and other activities on my page. It helps me remember to follow the 12 points of the law knowing that others can see.


Finally - if an employer ever does not want me due to something there, I probably do not want to work for them either.

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