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Tax Supported Entities - Who/ What are they?

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How many degrees of separation is necessary to avoid the taint of tax supported?


I'm an independent contractor providing support to a giant defense contractor. I get paid from a company that gets paid to build WMD for the USA. How about the Subway franchise just outside our security gate that survives on the lunch crowd from the plant? Or the SBA loan holder on the Subway franchiser who enabled the business working capital to even start up? or the secretary at the bank that provided the SBA loan to the Subway franchiser who is paying daycare for her three kids while she processes SBA loans? Or the daycare provider who gets income from the secretary who works for the SBA loan provider who loaned the money to the Subway franchiser who then sells his products to workers from the giant defense company who gets their money from the building of WMD for the USA and protecting our freedom.


How far down the chain of government subsidies do you want to attack?

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I was thinking what you just said while reading through this thread. I am an accountant for a company that does a lot of business with the government. Government contracts probably provide enough money to pay for nearly all the salaries in the U.S. subsidiary of the corporation. Are we "tax supported?"


It's kind of interesting to think about, given my specialty is, you guessed it, taxes. Which brings up another question in regards to this whole thread. My entire job is researching, calculating, preparing, filing, paying taxes. Be the taxes income, excise, sales, use, value added, property, business personal property, real estate, business, gross receipts, whatever. Because all of my money is made by dealing with taxes, am I tax supported simply because of that?

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