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"The Last Eagle Scout" movie

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It seems like paranoid hysteria to me. Reminiscent of Cold War anti-communism propaganda, but jacked up a bit.


I agree. What this film (or at least, the trailer) reminds me of the most is the "militia" movement of the 1990's, and there is some evidence (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34070149) of a recent resurgence of that movement -- or at least the rhetoric surrounding it. It seems to me that this film is part -- at least mildly, and possibly unintentionally -- of that rhetorical resurgence. If that's the case, I do wish the filmmaker would have left the Boy Scouts out of it. Scouting has been fighting for several decades against the perception that it is a paramilitary force, and even though this filmmaker seems to be pro-Boy Scout, I think he has inadvertently harmed Scouting's fight against that perception.

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We may be on the same side - why do you think otherwise?


I was telling our Scouts about the movie over the weekend during our camping trip. After thinking about parts of it, I'm guessing the Scout may be wearing his dad's old Scout shirt. It is apparent his dad is no longer alive, so maybe he is wearing his old uniform.


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Whether this movie is pro or anti scouting; pro or anti Obama doesn't really matter. I doubt that this film will ever make it past You Tube or maybe a limited DVD release. Looking at the trailer and the film maker's credentials--or lack there of--I can't imagine that we will be seeing this on the marquee at the local multiplex. Nothing about it has the sort of commercial appeal that would make distributors or theater owners see dollar signs. It looks low budget, low quality, and it lacks any star power to make it marketable.



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Looks like a few people have been asking. There is a new entry on the blog about how the producer feels about scouting.


But my objective in making "The Last Eagle Scout" was not to spark controversy, but maybe to start a debate, a discussion. The focus on the film is on political correctness, not the Boy Scouts. I personally love the Boy Scouts. I was never one, mostly because where I lived the leadership wasn't there. But I am a scout master now and have served on many levels in scouting for the past 12 years. Both my sons have been or are now in scouting. I believe in the scout law, motto, oath and so forth. With that in mind, I believe the scouts to be one of the last great institutions for young men.


Found at http://thelasteaglescout.blogspot.com/ in the Feb 3 entry.


So, he's one of us!

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This is what I thought, especially where he says the focus of the film is not on the Boy Scouts.


As for him being "one of us", yes in the sense that he is a fellow Scouter, but as I said earlier, I don't think he has done Scouting any favors by including the Boy Scouts in his political statements.

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