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TSA pats down Cub Scout regularly

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I can see why they would be suspicious of this kid, his cap is on crooked.


Seriously though, it makes you wonder how much information is on these lists that they give to the airport screeners. If it is just a name, I can see how there would be a problem and the screener might feel compelled (or might be required by their procedures) NOT to assume that an 8-year-old is not the person on the list, without further inquiry. But wouldn't you think that the list would also include the person's birth date? That would make it a little easier to wave the boy through without a lot of delay, if the "listed" person with his name is an adult. But if not, the question is how much of an assumption do you (the traveling public) want the screener to make? Maybe this is an extreme case. But what if he were 16? 14? There are teenagers who can pass for adults, and adults who can pass for teenagers. Where do you draw the line in deciding how much discretion to give to the screener?

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You see all those trophies behind him? He's probably smuggling contraband PWD parts in from a machine shop somewhere in the middle east!


Thats too bad - funny how the article describes passengers just mispelling their names on reservations to avoid being a blip on the list... our feds at its best I guess.

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At the last National Jamboree (the first one after 9/11 - teh Scouts were told they couldn't take in water bottles (in the searing heat) to the ceremony. Also, no scout knives, adults had to carry all cameras, spend five hours (literally) waiting in line to go through a metal detector, etc. I had numerous Scouts ask me, "How come the President" doesn't trust Scouts?"


Common sense it not always common.

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Well, as a scout, he may have one of those scouting/ swiss army knives.


He may hide in the luggage hold and while not eating with the spoon and fork accessories, might use the nail cutters to clip important wires that control the aircraft's ability to fly. BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS THE MOST CRITICAL WIRES RUN THROUGH THE LUGGAGE AREA!



Then he could use the screwdriver attachment to unscrew an interior panel, then switch to the saw atachment to cut through the outter skin, at which point he freefalls and deploys his neckerchief as a parachute!.


But the parachute is entirely dependant on if he completed Achievement #22-B - Knot tying!


Remember, a scout is thrifty, but also resourceful.


Maybe the CIA can tap into this abundant resource?

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Janet Napolitano: Protecting America from 9 year olds.


If I were her chief of staff, I think we'd be dispatching a plane to the airport, and taking this kid and his family anyplace they want...


I also think there'd be an all TSA Activities message going out ... saying "use your heads, "


Oh, wait: I just accused the United States Government of having common sense. I should know better. Forgive me...

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Come on! Our government is completely on top of their game!



A couple nobody heard of - who do not happen to be on any list - not only get into the White House, but have photos taken with The President of the United States, plus other high ranking members of government....and an 8 year old terrorist is thwarted every time he tries to fly!


So....What's the problem?

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The hat is askew, he's wearing gang colors and his innocent face isn't going to fool anyone. I'd be suspicious too. Put a can of spray paint in his hands and you've got the perfect picture of what this country seeks to avoid at all cost.


Does his school know his hair is a bit long? Looks like a suspension to me.... I'm sure he owns a set of eating utensils, too.


Next thing you know he'll have a 1" pocket knife in his winter survival kit out in the school parking lot in the locked trunk.


This boy needs to be on more lists than just the TSA list!


Did anyone think to check what he had for breakfast? He may be a cereal killer too.





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