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My Name is Ray Frechette,


I am very much involved in the feffort to save Camp Gustin.


While there is significant frustration with Council we are not threatenting council or seeking a confrontational situation withthem.


Rather we are attemtpting to get council interested in working out a win win situation for them, the scouts in our district and the scouts in all opf council


We are trying to convince Council to sell the camp to us.


We would form a 501c3 non profit to raise funds and buy the camp and hold it in a land trust for the priority use of registered scouts and troops in Pine Tree Council.


Further we plan on stripping development rights from the land with deed restrictions and prevent any subdividing of the land so that this potential problem shall never occur again.


One cna either get angry or get busy and we are seeking to get busy and work with council in a proactive manner to bring about an excellent resolution for all involved.


Does anyone here wish to help us?


We are not asking for one red cent right now.


What would be very helpfull is to tkae about 20 minutes from your day and carry out the following tasks.



If you have a facebook account, please visit us at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=323022840617&ref=ts


Please consider joining the page and posting a 1 paragraph word of support. Consider reading some of the inspirational posts.


Second Please write a letter to our chief executive of Pine Tree Council ( arogers@bsamail.org )and urge him to try to work with the Scouters of Abnaki district to find a win win solution.


Please cc to ( bthomas@bsamail.org ), ( esd@roadrunner.com

) nad myself at ( refent01@yahoo.com )


If you are really motivated perhaps you could print out that email and mail it by snail mail to National HQ along with a letter to them asking them to contact PTC and urge them to consider working with us.



Mr. Tony Rogers


Scout Executive


Pine Tree Council, BSA


131 Johnson Rd.


Portland , Me. 04102


e-mail: arogers@bsamail.org




COPY TO: Bryan Thomas


Assistant Scout Executive


Pine Tree Council, BSA


131 Johnson Rd


Portland , Me. 04102




e-mail: bthomas@bsamail.org






COPY TO: National Council


Boy Scouts of America


Post Office Box 152079


Irving , TX 75015-2079




Dont forget to include a copy to me: Ed Desgrosseilliers


Abnaki District Committee Chair


c/o 121 Hatch Rd


Auburn , Maine 04210 -8961




e-mail: esd@roadrunner.com



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