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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America New Rule for Pastors

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Most of which occurred after his death. In his later writings and speeches, and his last attendance at a World Jamboree, there was a change of heart . When Germany failed to show for the WJ, he was upset because he knew war was going to overshadow the progress and unity of a European culture that was beginning to unit for the first time.


Socialized services are parts of a utopian dream. Taking care of everyone is part of that, and part of what BP saw in Scouting.


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Nearly all of the posts in the past week have had nothing to do with pastoral leadership in the ELCA. It's still a non-issue, and not worthy of discussion until it affects Scouts or units.

Bueller? Anyone?


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This whole thread reminds me of a humorous parable.


As Jesus was holding back the townspeople from stoning the prostitute, he turned to the crowd and said, "He who is without sin may cast the first stone!"


Off from the side, a large rock whizzes in, striking the prostitute squarely in the head...killing her instantly.


Jesus whips around, takes a quick glance and screams, "Ma! Knock it off already...I was trying to make a point here!"



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