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Gee I feel slighted by DHS

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Well, if you want to believe that it's more likely that Sherman, acting as a reporter for American Atheist magazine would make up a quote and set it in a room with reporters, and that Bush's lawyer would respond to allegations that he made a statement that he didn't make as if he had, I certainly can't stop you.

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I am conservative and I have always felt that was a silly excuse to surrender our rights over. So I am with you on this.


On the other hand, Obama wants a 'homeland' police force with capabilities equal to that of the US military. DHS is watching groups that disagree with Obama's policies even though their views are not extreme. Does that not give people pause to consider what might be happening. For those of you on the left, if the reasons to watch you were liberal causes and a conservative were to be in office, you would be suspicious and alarmed - with good reason. Intelligent, reasoned, well educated, and well read people have conservative views. To target then for those views while starting a homeland security service equal to the US military which is being dramatically defunded is certainly alarming.

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Personally, I feel slighted that we Unitarians aren't on the list. After all, we do have our own jihad:






Brother Broadsword of Mild Reason


(get your Unitarian Jihad name at



Edited to add: Oh, wait, I guess we'd appear in the "Left Wing" memo put out by DHS in January:


http://www.fas.org/irp/eprint/leftwing.pdf(This message has been edited by DanKroh)

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As a life long resident of Oklahoma City who drove past the Murrah Federal Building every day taking my son to his daycare a mile away, I've seen first hand the work of an extremist, right wing, domestic terrorist who happened to be a veteran. There ARE folks in this country on both sides of the aisle who bear watching.....closely. My wife and I both worked within a few blocks of the Murrah Building and if we had any idea that they had a day care facility, we would have put our son there as it was within walking distance of both of our offices. I consider myself conservative and I have a deep respect for our military. That being said, I fully recognize that there are Timothy McVeigh's out there who get a boat load of deadly training in the military and bring it back home to their hate groups and militias. Homeland Security realizes this as well. That isn't a reflection of conservatives as a whole, but it is a realization of a possibility that has raised it's ugly head in our recent past. I can't even begin to describe to you the effect that the OKC bombing had on our community and my family. It pays to be just as vigilant at home as it is outside our country.

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It is I, Sister Katana of Enlightenment!


Hear these words of wisdom!


T'is better to be standing in the short line of the watch list, than to stand for hours among the masses.


Yes, I am on the Watch List. Or one of em. I guess something good came of my union organizing days ;) I tell ya, you feel absolutely catered to when you get to bypass the regular security line at the airport! Such personal attention! Such service! Actually, I dont think we in the short line even had to take off our shoes...they just looked deeply into our eyes while asking the same standard questions...


Sister Katana of enlightenment in Mpls

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