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Gee I feel slighted by DHS

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All those "right wing extremist" categories in Napolitano's new advisory to the police and she neglected Scouts and Scouters. I mean, aren't we as dangerous as people who collect guns, vets, etc.? Oh wait, I fall into those two categories as well ...

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Hello. Welcome to the United States Department of Homeland Security. In order to serve your search warrant better, your call is being monitored and your phone number has been taken down:


- If you are a Veteran, press 1.


- If you own a firearm, bow/arrow, or knife, press 2.


- If you attend a church, synagogue, temple, or coven, press 3.


We'll be right there.


Am I cynical? You bet.

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Quiz time: which president said this after announcing he was running, and about which group:

"I don't know that [Americans in this group] should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic."


If you didn't complain about the above, why are you starting so late?

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Um, Merlyn, it was Robert Sherman, an atheist organization activist, who claims George HW Bush said it about atheists at a Chicago press conference in August 1987 - a press conference which was well attended by all sorts of folks with recording devices, including members of the WH press corps. So it seems really odd to me that, no matter how hard anyone looks, or how often it gets mentioned, there is no audio or video recording to substantiate Mr. Sherman's word. Also, no one has even confirmed that he said it. So, hearing no second on the motion, I would call this myth busted.


Vicki (edited for typo)



(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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The Bush administration seems to think it took place; they refused to apologize for it, when the reasonable thing to do would have been to state that it didn't happen. Correspondence from Jon Murray, the president of American Atheists at the time, didn't indicate that the conversation never took place:



If Bush never said it, any inquiries about it would be answered with something along the lines of "I never said that" or "I was misquoted;" instead, all the responses are along the line of Mr. Bush is religious, and even though he disagrees with atheists he will respect their rights, etc. etc.

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Merlyn, I actually went out to the website to which you refer. It's Sherman's website rather than a third party, so hardly unbiased. As I read what Bush's counsel actually wrote, in the legalese there is neither confirmation nor denial, simply an assertion that Bush supports freedom of religion or no religion, even though he disagrees with the latter. I think he just didn't think it was worth the time to deny, personally, kind of a quasi-boilerplate reply.


Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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