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Actually, my one indulgances in life is keeping a neat, clean car. My office on the other hand....


Started Scouts with an old, cheap briefcase to carry to meetings. I soon added a notebook for den records, then another 3-inch notebook for pack stuff. Now that's expanded to the briefcase, two notebooks, two file boxes and one shelf on the bookcase. Two more boxes for day camp stuff and a large tub of den supplies and craft materials. That's not to mention a fairly large pile in the corner which keeps teetering back and forth.


Oh, and three big plastic bins in the garage of camp equipment. And for uniform bits and pieces, three more shoebox-size bins, one for me and each of the boys.


Do I even want to know what I've spent on all this stuff?

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Jeep Grand Cherokee with lift and winch (comes in handy when setting up gateways with LARGE logs.


Front Seat Area -

Bottled water under the seats, maps of NJ, PA, NY & DE (road and topo). First Aid kit, North Face tent.


Back seat area - extra sweatshirt, scoutmaster handbook, scout handbook (sons), Rope, first aid kit under one seat with ponchos and emergency food kit (energy bars, water purification tablets, etc.)


Behind back seat area - 2 burner stove, propane tank (small one) winch kit with extra rope, slings & couplers, flags (U.S. and Troop), one scout's pair of boots still in the baggie he left there, shepards jack, extra ball (for the canoe trailer that is 2" instead of 1 7/8") camping chairs, fishing gear, hiking pack.


On Roof - Klondike sled from campout from the weekend.


Still attached to the hitch - scout trailer with troop gear - dropping off a the COR's on the way to the PLC meeting tonight.


Supposedly, all the scouts that rode with me got all their gear out yesterday.

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Twocubdad -


nope, you probably DON'T want to know what you've spent on that stuff - just comfort yourself with the fact that some of it is tax-deductable!


Besides, while you can't take it with you, I have a theory that there is a special place in heaven reserved for dedicated volunteer scouters - some kind of replica Gilwell field, without the bugs! And only your 'good stuff' goes with you, and never wears out!


OGE - you got me thinking and I went and checked my plastic "trunk" for what I DIDN'T remember -

yup - more "stuff" - TP, an extra air mattress and sleeping bag liner, a first aid kit, packets of Kleenex and hand warmers, some kid's hat and a glove from Klondike (not ours) Bungee cords! A bike repair kit, and my rechargable pressure pump for bike tires, maps and info on the Sugar River trail (bike trip was in September?) too many Wisconsin maps! an old phone book, a small tarp, a couple of plastic garbage bags, a small flashlight, a box of Macaroni & cheese ???? and some hot chocolate and tea bags in a baggie. Two bottles of water and a bowl for Tristan (my dog). doggie pickup bags, Jon's lost copy of "Frightfuls Mountain", Dirt, sand and doggie fuzz.


I emptied the "trunk" cleaned and refilled it - put some stuff away - I am NOT looking into the glovebox, underseat drawer and side bins! LOL!

I give up!

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1st it was the Scouting Caravan ... used it for everything and ran it up to 97,000 miles within three years. Traded it in for a Scouting Odyssey. It has accumulated 60,000+ within the last 2 years and still have several smaller camping items in the back. Love to camp in Texas, but everything so far and few in between! I also drive the scouting Accord with most of the Cub Scout stuffs in the trunk (i.e., plag stands, ropes for knots, arts and crafts, etc.). It's my mobile Den!


My wife still wants me to clean out the van and the car; however, everytime that I clean them out, we would have a campout with either the troop or the Pack or a Den activity!



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I love the posts in this thread!


Thought you might want to know what an Assistant Scout Executive has in his trunk . . .


I have the Career Interest Surveys that have been processed and reports delivered to the school. I also have my performance reviews from the last 13 years -- don't know why they are there. Usually I have golf clubs in my trunk but I put those in my basement when I realized I only played once last summer.


Instead of maps, I have a road gps with all the informaiton (including every address) in my entire council in its memory banks. Too bad most DE's can't afford such a device. It really helps when I have to find someone's house.



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I'm afraid I don't have anything in my car right now. But I do know the other ways that scouting creeps into my life. Is there anyone else out there who can't bear to go on any sort of trip without a pocket knife? Does anyone else carry a bandanna all day in their pocket? Does anyone else have to have a raincoat when you leave on a trip regardless of what the weather is suppose to be?


Man, that "Be Prepared" stuff really sticks with you after awhile.

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I have a suzuki 4WD but it has only two doors and if I don't rearrange regularly I cannot get in to drive. For three days now I've been driving around with a canoe strapped to the roof on an old foam mattress - no roof racks. The straps go through the doors and in the back side windows. If any passengers can fit in they have to watch out for the ratchet which I position over the passenger seat.


Sometimes I have a full sized dummy in a black zip up bag for EAR/CPR training. "Alfie" sits in the passenger seat with seat belt on. It feels a bit like I'm on the way to Wally World with grandma.


Went on holidays in the two door with a 3 foot square box trailer, three bikes in a rack and a canoe on top. Why did kids stare?

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Eamonn, I think Oz is talking about the National Lampoon movie with Chevy Chase from a few years back. Forgot the name, something Vacation?


The family drives across the country with many mishaps like grandma dying, the dog being left tied to the car after they drive for awhile, etc.

They are going to Wally World -- take off on Disney World.

Really funny movie, but don't let those skit police see it --- it's not very "nice". LOL



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Boy, I don't feel so bad about the condition of my car now! Actually, I got to clean it out yesterday and gave to the new Cubmaster, 2 plastic tubs filled with Pack records, 1 box of plastic knives and forks, 2 tubs of candy used for prizes for games at Pack meetings, a grocery bag full of 5x7 cardboard pieces, American Flag and Pack Flag and their stands, 2 folding grill racks for use over a campfire, assorted craft supplies and a ream of paper for flyers.


Still left in the car are my bag full of training supplies (syllabus, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Handbooks, Scouting and Boys Life Magazines, assorted completed crafts, etc..) a set of camp cooking pots, and my brief case for work. Also in the car are various items that my son has left in there including a sweat shirt, his religous education book and bible, empty Gatorade bottles and a large assortment of trash!


I wonder how long it will be before it fills up with Boy Scout Supplies?

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That's it sctmom. Can't stand Chevy Chase actually. The only scene I remember is grandma wrapped in a blanket sitting bolt upright on the roof of the car. No idea ho she got there but assuming she was deceased.

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