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Pro Life requires personal responsibility

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Who is going to pay to support the Cali 14? I'll place a bet she thinks it will be one of the networks. Let's see which one jumps at the opportunity to show up the network that airs "Jon and Kate Plus 8".


Scout, If there was a way to do reversible sterilization, what say you? If the mother is on welfare, and has two children, what if there was a way to temperarily sterilize her, then reverse it once she was off the welfare rolls and capable of providing for herself and her family. If she does not become become fianancially responsible and capable of providing for her family, and stays on the system, the procedure is not reversed. Would this be a plausable form of birth control? Possible side affect, it would dwindle the children that the system would have to support, therefore lowering the cost on the tax payers, and just might put a dent in the budget.

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ASM915, I have a better idea. Let's just sterilize the men instead. After all, a woman can only produce a baby every year or so. A virile fellow could conceivably impregnate any number of women. Yes, if we are going down the road of sterilizing people, I say, start with the men. (sarcasm intended)

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Here is a thought, and it's only a thought, but instead of arguing about what to do with the situation once it exists, why not work on not having the situation not occur in the first place?


Why not strive to develop a society where personal responsibility is a valued attribute. Where abortion is available but hardly ever talked about since its "need" does not exist because of the behavior of the society? Whether its abstinance, or methodical and consistent use of birth control unwanted pregnancies do not exist. We have reshaped society's thoughts on many issues, drunk driving and the lovable drunk for one (killed Foster Brooks career)littering is another and for that matter, societal acceptance of gays, responsible sexuality could/should be next.


Then we don't argue if state money should be spent on abortions, they are not an issue

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That would probably be a cheaper and safer procedure. Just the sight of seeing all these guys walking down the street looking like they just climbed off of Mr Ed would be a funny site indeed.


Then again, girls/women wanting to emulate Ms Cali could always go to the sperm bank, and become another Ms Cali, no super stud involved.


We could always bring back the good old chastity belt, and throw away the key. Monty Python, where are you when we need you?


Lisa, I just like to think outside the box, and occassionally play devils advocate, just to see what peoples opinions are. I'm definitely toward the conservative side.


OGE, yes it would be great if abstinance was a regularly accepted social norm today. It should be. Unfortunately with todays media, whether it be TV, music, movies, published material or the internet, and the people that they portray and idolize, and the message that they pander to our children, that teen sex and pregancy is OK, there is no need for monagamy, shack up with as many as you want, the government will help if your families don't is a major problem that will be hard to reverse. If we try to get a handle on the problem, by trying to regulate the media, we then have the ACLU crowd screaming we are violating consitutional rights. God forbid if we try to promote what is morally right

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ASM, read my sentence, I said


" Whether its abstinance, or methodical and consistent use of birth control unwanted pregnancies do not exist."


I allow for the methodical and consistent use of birth control, its a concession for sure, but I would rather pay for Birth control than for the aborting of babies. The key is they methods have to be used.


When I was in high school, plenty of guys and girls were having sex, (I wasnt one) but the only shame, it seemed to me, was when a girl got pregnant because of all the ways to prevent it. perhaps abstinence is the answer at some point, but not just yet(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Octuplet Update


LOS ANGELES Police said Thursday they will investigate death threats against octuplet mom Nadya Suleman and advise her publicist on how to handle a torrent of other nasty messages that have flooded his office.


Word that the 33-year-old single, unemployed mother is receiving public assistance to care for the 14 children she conceived through in vitro fertilization has stoked furor among many people.


Police Lt. John Romero said officers were meeting with Suleman's publicist Mike Furtney about the flood of angry phone calls and e-mail messages against Suleman, her children and Furtney.


More at:


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I read the other day that supposedly the attorney generals office is looking into the physician and clinic involved with implanting the embryos. If it goes to trial, and the physician and clinic are found guilty, I feel the punishment should be providing for and covering the expenses for the octuplets until they reach 18. Maybe if we make the accomplishes also responsible for their actions, maybe they will reconsider trying something asinine like this in the future.


Then we could always consult Swift's "A Modest Proposal" on how to handle this situation.(This message has been edited by ASM915)

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The whole octoplet case to me is an interesting study in media attention.


Because our nation is so divided on family-related issues, the media fashioned this particular event into one about the "right size" of families.


When obviously the real issue is medical ethics. Doctors are more than auto mechanics and need to take some responsibility for what they are doing... the mother here should not have been given this procedure.


Perhaps it speaks also to our general public reluctance to put any controls on such things as cloning, abortion, artificial reproduction, etc. As long as it makes a buck, it's good.

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