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The implication from your post is that you have bad news after mammography. Hopefully, that is not the case. If the mammogram is suspicious, the biopsy may reveal a non-malignant process. Also, the treatments are improving both in life expectancy and side effects from the chemo-therapy. Try to have a positive outlook. Your mom's fate does not have to be your fate.


I would encourage everyone to be screened for breast, prostate, and colon cancers as is appropriate to you. All can be cured early in the disease.

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While I am not female, I think I understand. In some ways, it might be better to just get it over with than suffer a long, lingering decline. I guess it depends on what the realistic outlook is and whether or not life currently is judged to be worth continuation.

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My husband is a prostate cancer survivor -- again, because of very early detection. His cancer was an aggressive form -- not the kind that you can live with a long time before it takes over (as some prostate cancers can be). But he is cancer-free today because of the ever-unpleasant but always-necessary routine exam from a urologist.


And... any side effects from the prostatectomy weren't half as bad as what untreated cancer would have caused in short order anyway.


This is an important topic to remind each other of, even though it does appear that the OP is some kind of a troll (google the text of the message, in quotes... he/she didn't actually write this, and her only other post on this forum is incoherent). I'd be very wary against clicking on the link in her signature



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