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What will you do with yours?

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Not the day to be selling stock. I've bought a couple of issues from the panickers.


I know this much... I hold IRA positions in a couple of banking center banks. Those which have been part of the subprime mess are going to get a "Withhold all" vote for the boards of directors. Further, anything the directors recommend yes ... gets a no.


Investor proposals? Those I reserve the right to vote what I think is the best interest of the firm. That means I may accept Director's recommendations.

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I think we ought to opt for a local option and allow the states to govern themselves for four years and put the federal government on a four year NON-Pay status, as they sure aren't doing anything for us now. All the candidates on both sides this election year are pathetic to say the least, and any of them will just give us 4 more years of the same ol bull. Or better yet just eliminate Homeland Security and put all that money into our economy to give it a jump start before we go in to a depression.

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Now this is a novel concept.....


Thanks John in KC ...prime the pump with some factory orders, Uncle...


Lets find out what it would take to get the manufacturing world up to speed to protect theose men and women over seas.



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Well, it looks like the last "rebate". Just don't count on a big refund next year.

Plus, make sure you have enough deducted to cover what ever you get for your "rebate" or you might end up giving some of the great "free money" back.


This is such a scam.



"The tax rebate would be similar to the $300 to $600 checks that were sent out in the summer of 2001."


See link below:



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Yeah, Pack. That is the only real American sports car isn't it?

I already have the crotch rocket aka Honda Interceptor. But I could use the coin to get some racing leathers and enroll at the track school. Might even have enough left to cover my life insurance premium that the ol' lady seems to think is important.

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I will simply pay some bills.


If memory serves me correctly the first time these rebates were tried was in 1975. It was then that some politician likened the idea to "shoveling money out of airplanes flying across the country." A good metaphor.


Changes in the tax code are most effective in they are permanent changes and seen to be permanent. One time rebates are simply gifts and will likely have little impact on the economy.

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"It was then that some politician likened the idea to "shoveling money out of airplanes flying across the country." A good metaphor."


Except this is money the government doesn't have. They already run a deficit. To pay out this money their only choices are to cut back on government services like funding a war, education, social security, etc. or borrow more money.


One of the reasons given for the slow down in the economy is that many Americans have extended their personal debt too far. Credit cards are maxed out and others can't make mortgage payments. So the government in it's benevolent wisdom is going to borrow more money for us. This may get the economy out of a slump in the near term but we (or more likely our children) will pay the piper at some point.


The really smart thing to do with this money would probably be to start a 401k or Roth IRA for your children.




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