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What will you do with yours?

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Since our fiscally irresponsible government(Republican Executive and Democratic Congress) is close to concluding we collectively don't borrow and spend enough money to keep the economy going, they are talking about borrowing more money to be paid back by our children so they can give us some cash to spend now. They will probably find something to argue about like just how much money to give to us and who should get the credit for the great economic boom that will surely follow. I've heard on the order of $800 per taxpayer or $1600 per couple filing jointly. For me that's enough to pay one month's tuition payment for No. 1 son's Spring Semester with a little left over for dinner for HWMBO and I and maybe a new dutch oven for the troop. Although HWMBO seems to want new kitchen counter tops.


What will do you with yours? Happens to be about the fee for our Council's Philmont contingent. Maybe I'll look into seeing if they need any adults.





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EagleSon is accepted at Mizzou next year. If it doesn't go there, it'll go to an anticipated trip to PTC.


With Ob-Hil-hn Tho-gui-cai-ney out shilling the streets, I won't count on it before it's signed, sealed and delivered though...


The 2008 Presidential Candidates: "...and they're all made out of tickytack, and they all look just the same..."



who is terribly cynical at the moment.

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Our administration has announced their concern about the economy and intends to fix it. What evidence do we have that they will do any worse than they've done in maintaining a balanced budget for going on 8 years now or than their strategic genius has done in matters of foreign policy?

The other markets spoke today. Ours will respond in the morning. Wonder what will happen.

But that part about intergenerational theft is almost biblical: "...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation."

Have a nice day. :)

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I hope a few folks will use it to hire me to install flooring. If they do, I will gladly return part of it back to the IRS as income tax and use the rest to pay my bills.


As for my own check, I would use it to pay off some of my credit card bills.



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Might be enough to half fill the heating oil tank?

Would buy a lot of dog biscuits!

Would pay for a couple of jackets.

Could replace this old computer.

Might buy a new TV?

I'd be happier if they kept the rebate and removed some of the taxes from petrol.


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Before anyone gets too excited and planning on how to spend this money.

Don't forget the last "Tax Rebate".

It was a number of years ago I think it was $250 or $300.

The sad thing about it was that it was not "new" money.

All it turned out to be was an advance on the next years tax return.

So when you filed you taxes, your refund was lowered by the amount of the "rebate".

Hopefully this "new" rebate will not be like that.

Anyone remember what I am referring to?


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Oh I do, I do, and boy was I ticked. I didn't support the tax rebate to start with (yeah sure we can all use more cash but my thought was it was a cheap popularity stunt and not enough to really do much with anyway), and then to find out it was simply an "advance"... oh, grrr..


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Before everyone spends it, I assume it will be "taxable income" so you will only see about 60% of that amount. I also would not be surprised to see it phased out above a certain income level, so us "rich" people will never see it. The poor people will have shiny new rims on their Navigators and Escalades. Poor kids still won't have health insurance or decent meals.


I am not in favor of it, but if foisted upon me, I will put it into my Roth IRA....or use it to pay for services that will have to be cut in order to fund this fiasco.

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I spent way too much on Philmont last year. This fall, my son claims he needs a computer for college, so if anything comes my way, that's probably where it will go, or for tuition, or books, or room and board, or transportation, or etc. Now that he's made Eagle, I get to spend my discretionary funds on non-BSA stuff.

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The Fed cut rates by 0.75% and in spite of that the votes were in:

"Within minutes of the opening bell in New York, the Dow Jones

Industrial Average fell more than 400 points, or 3.5 percent,

and other major indexes also slid. The Nasdaq Composite was

down more than 5 percent."


From Fox News:



Apparently Bush is contemplating an even larger 'stimulus' package than the $150 billion already on the table. Sorry, grandchildren.


Maybe what we really need is a really, really huge tax cut to stimulate the economy, balance the budget, and head off a potential recession. Not some paltry rebate thing, go for the glory of a REAL tax cut. If a little is good a lot must be better right?

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