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famous political relatives

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I decided to start a topic that shouldn't be controversial, but rather kind of fun. I've been researching my family's ancestry for a couple years and have discovered that I share a common ancestor with both current President George Bush and former President Bill Clinton. Both of my parents, like me, are conservative Republicans, and my Dad, who shares an ancestor with Bush, has had a great time razzing my Mom because she shares an ancestor with Clinton. There are other presidents in our extended family tree, but I thought this was the funniest situation.


So, do any of you know of famous politicians who share a common ancestor with you?

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Can we broaden it a little, funscout? I don't know that I'm related to any famous politicians but I am distantly related to the Younger brothers, who rode with Jesse James. And hey, it is only one step from outlaw gunslinger to political candidate, right?

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Theoretically, following the ideas regarding mitochondrial DNA, we''re all related ultimately to a single female primate about 4.4 million years ago. Her name was Eve but at the time she was unable to say that name and she looked a little like this:


Adam was a brute, like most men, but again like most men, he didn''t count for much.


If you view Giuliani''s face at certain angles......;)


Edited part: Heh, heh, here''s a better photo:



"Come Hither" :)(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Pack, I believe you are confusing mitochondrial "Eve", who lived about 140,000 BP, with the paleontological "Lucy", who is dated to ca 4.4M BP


Interestingly, Y-chromosomal "Adam" was not a contemprary of Eve, living about 70,000 BP. The variance is due to different male and female reproductive strategies.


(edited typos)(This message has been edited by Trevorum)

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