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Our troop went to Chicago last year and stayed at the Quality Inn. It gets tricky staying at a Hotel because you can't have adults/youth share a room (unless family) and most Hotels don't want minors to share a room with no adult supervision. We had the majority stay with a family (parent) memeber but we did have our four most senior boys share a room. Although not cheap, considering it was in the prime of downtown Chicago, the $80/night or so cost was a bargain.


Mass transit is great in Chicago so the bus, subway, and elevated train can get you almost anywhere. The kids enjoyed it too.

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We went to Chicago last year and stayed at a hostel that was walking distance to Shedd Aquarium and the museum of Science. I don't recall the cost but it was inexpensive and dormitory style which was perfect for our group.


Good luck

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Try the following:



The J. Ira & Nicki Harris Family Hostel

24 East Congress Parkway

Chicago, Illinois 60605 Phone: 1-312-360-0300

Fax: 1-312-360-0313



Great location not far from the lake. We were able to walk to all of our activities and the El is right next to hostel (unfortunately that means you get to listen to it as well but it's not that bad.)


Have fun




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