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Phelps plans to protest at 9-year-old cub scout's funeral

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Yah. Just can't figure these folks out, eh? Protestin' a cub scout's funeral, when the position of the BSA vis a vis their agenda is pretty agreeable. But then they also picket a lot of Catholics.


Now I get it, though! They're upset just because the boy was in New Hampshire! Of course! Harassing a grieving family of your friends makes so much more sense than picketing at the home of the Episcopal Bishop you don't like.


God be with the cubs family and friends in their sorrow.



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This guy Phelps is a good reason to bring back that age old tradion of dueling.


Even if he gets me he won't make it though all those bikers that go to all those funerals for fallen warriors.


Problem solved.





PS Define irony:


An organization that has been branded as homphobic and hate mongering;

that gets sued because we require a religon of some sort, is hated by a radical Baptist that hates homsexuals.


Who would think the tragic death of a 9 year old boy would be a reason to rally your friends?


too bad NH wasn't the "Make sense or die" state instead of the live free or die state.

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NH is a great state and the men like Phelps use any event or tragedy where there may be media to get their agenda out. I am a Baptist, but I dont agree with everything they stand for. Mr. Phelps most likely will be arrested long before his mug gets on tv. Live Free or Die BY the rules.

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Phelps is a (disbarred) lawyer, and he's very careful to keep just within the law, because he knows he'd get hauled away at the slightest infraction.


He was going to protest at the funerals of those Amish schoolgirls who were murdered a few weeks back, but he was offered a radio interview on the condition that he not hold a protest, and he agreed, so maybe the same thing would work in this case:


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Since Rooster7 is no longer here to defend the guy, I was considering playing the role of devil's advocate and trying to defend Phelps myself. For once the terminology would be appropriately applied. ;) A few seconds of thought and....naah!


Sometimes when I think I am beginning to understand hate and all its manifestations, something like Phelps comes along to demonstrate how much I have missed.

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As a life long Baptist with a degree in Religion from a Baptist University, allow me to say that Phelps runs a "church" that he calls "Baptist". Any similarity between the millions of Baptists around the world and Phelps' little inbred tribe of human trash ends there.


Sorry to be un-Scoutlike, but that is how I feel.


BTW, I don't know the particulars, but there was an Indian Nation that passed a law to keep Phelps merry band off of their tribal lands a week or so ago when he was going to come protest a the funeral of a fallen Native American soldier.

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