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Scouting audit indicates rolls vastly inflated; top exec quits

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"It would be a good thing if the COR's in the forums all showed up this year at their annual meetings and asked for outside audits of membership roles, and annual reports that comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles which show clearly where donation and fundraising dollars were spent. And a fix of the local bylaws to prevent things like da Chicago mess. "


BSA is a "representative" democracy BECAUSE COR's DON'T pay attention to what's going on in Scouting. Most don't really want to be involved and simply sign the paperwork once a year. Only the LDS and a few conservative religious groups have used their collective clout - and not necessarily in a good way.



BSA could VOLUNTARILY call for regular independent outside audits of membership numbers. Instead they adamently REFUSE to do this though the calls for this have been regular and loud.


BSA could FIRE paid staff that violate BSA rules and break the law. THey REFUSE to do so and work quite hard to keep misdeeds under wraps.


BSA can show the character they claim to represent or continue hypocritically hiding behind "values" whenever caught in wrongdoing.


People aren't attacking your "values" by expecting you to show some ethics and morals.


Let's be real. The system is rigged in favor of the Execs running things. They're well paid, have great benefits, have almost NO accountability unless they are really blatant in faking things....why on earth would THEY want to change things? OF COURSE they hand-picl Executive Boards and do as they want. They do it BECAUSE they can do it. Most are decent guys and do not abuse their authority but even the "good guys" see the larger problems and abuses but know better than to speak out.

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