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"What do you get when you cross...."?

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About a year ago, my son crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Most of our new Scouts had been Webelos from two different dens in the same Pack, but there were enough boys for only one new-Scout patrol. So the Lightning patrol merged with the Eagle patrol to form the Thunderbird patrol. Their patrol patch is the Eagle patch with a small lightning bolt clutched in his talons.


This year, it looks like the same type of thing will happen again. There aren't enough boys from the Bison patrol and the Flaming Arrow patrol to make two new-Scout patrols, so they'll be merging (along with whatever other new Scouts we scare up). The current joke is that they'll be the "Flaming Bison" patrol. Can't wait to see that patrol patch!


Anybody else have any interesting (i.e. non-traditional) patrol names to share?



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My sons first patrol was the Bucks, the other new scout patrol in the troop was the Sharks, two years later due to attrition (based on a lousy program since beefed up) the two patrols were merged. They become the beavers although they always had the unofficial name "The Buck Toothed Sharks" The patrol medallion would have been the shark patch with two white squares on the upper lips

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Two years ago "Metallic Box" emerged as we prepared for Klondike Derby. The Patrol standard (not flag) was a 12 X 12 X 5 inch black metallic box wired to a frame but carried trailing as on the breeze.


Hmmm, while we've heard some interesting patrol names over the years I'm wondering about the expense of creating the patches. Our scout shop is carrying some non-traditional logos & colors. Any comments?

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Our Troop just did some regorganization. Patrol names now are:


Flaming Toliet Paper, call is still pending

Lighting Boltz, call is "Lightnig Strikes"

Duct Tape, call is "Rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiippppppppp!"


The boys were having too much fun that the adults came up with the "Geezer Patrol" our patrol patch the old style red background with a rocking chair.

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we haven't always had patches for every weird patrol.


the flaming hampsters, a patrol formed in 93, died in 97, and brought back in 98 (older scout patrol, finally dead) never had one. it was a mishmash of patrols and they tended to use their old patch.


currently we have weird ones. the flaming lepricans use the pedro patch decorated up. the thunder panthers is the panther patch with a lightning bolt. a new patrol is the soaring snails.


we're lucky to have a leader who's the local scout product seller/clothing store/show store and has all the equipment.


our big thing is that the troop tee pee has every patrol from 91 or so on it. as the names get weirder, the guy who paints them has more of a job each year. we've had 20-30 patrols in 10 years so you can imagine what it looks like (each emblem is 2-3 feet long)

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I guess I've got some apoligizing to do...


About a year and a half ago, our older Scouts voted to change their name from something pretty traditional to the "Jedis". We didn't want to discourage them doing what they wanted, but a number of adults (notably me) just don't seem to want to accept it.


Looks like protecting the traditional names shouldn't be such a big deal to me, judging from the previous posts. I'll try to lighten up.



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After our last re-organization, these are the patrol names that are in use.



The Pyros, patrol standard is an artifical torch with an orange light and a fan that blows a few strips of fabric in the air, their patrol yell is

More Wood, More Wood, Pile it On


The Bushies, (Patrol medallion the Pine tree)

Their patrol yell "Dont listen to what I say, believe what I mean"


The Gum Blob patrol, Medallion is one of the colored thread animal patches that looks like, well, a gumblob


The Flaming Arrowheads, you should see their head gear


The Wise Owls, their patrol yell, "what, you think we're stupid"


The Black Dragons, yell "HISSSSSSS"


And the Official Boy Scout Patrol, affectionately known as the OBS


The adults were a little unsure of some of the names, but we figured the boys wanted them and none were offensive and so we went with them. I think the Bushies were suprised, they were ready to fight for their name and when it was approved, they were suprised. (by the way ASM1, they do NOT pray to dubya). As it turned out, all of our "problem children" ended up in one patrol. Again, we gulped and said, ok if you want it that way, fine. Now when they skip out of work, they only mess up scouts who also skip out a lot. They are learning to work together because they are all they have, a lesson we could never have foisted on them.(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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