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Who are we ... we few?

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Like all of us here, I am sincerely grateful to Scouter Terry for providing us with these forums to express ourselves, to offer helpful advice to others, and to make new friends. These forums provide a neutral ground to exchange frank opinions with others coming from a wide range of persepectives - something we often do not get in gaurded, face-to-face interactions.


We are a diverse bunch to be sure! But who are we, really?


I would like to invite all of you to participate in a quick survey of who we are - 10 quick questions on geography, age, scouting experience, etc. I promise you that there are no trick questions and no hot-button issues.


To participate in the survey, please go to




The survey is hosted by QuestionPro, an online service to business, and academia. Their homepage is at http://questionpro.com/. The survey is completely voluntary and it collects no personally identifying information. After closing the survey, I will report the data in aggregate here, in a summary, and I will make the raw data available to anyone for your analysis.


Thank you!





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I was born in PA, so I selected "native American". I'm not an immigrant, so I must be native.


Location did not have an appropriate choice...I selected "South" as the closest...should have been "mid-Atlantic".

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You betcha'. My free subscription to QuestionPro is limited to the first 100 respondants (or 30 days, whichever comes first). I'll close it then and report back to ya'll.


As of this minute, there have been 9 respondants.


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You didn't have spot for Queen's Scout -So I made myself an Eagle Scout!!

Wood Badge only allowed one Patrol, I have both the old Cub Scout WB and the Boy Scout WB. Two different patrols.


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Trev, that's a neat idea, thanks for doing it. Now that question about "Were you a scout as a youth?" Yes, I was a GIRL scout. Not an option on your survey though.


I'll be really interested to see your results.



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