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Sweeping it under the carpet

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Obviously the molestor admitted his guilt. The odd thing is why the parents in this story have waited almost a decade and after their sons are legal adults to make a claim against the council. What were they waiting for? The boys told their dad in the parking lot when he picked them up from camp in 1997.



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We shouldn't for the tiniest fraction of a second look for some sort of blame to be assigned to any of these victims. Doesn't matter whether they reported it 10 seconds after it happened, or 10 years. If you want to see reasons for not reporting it right away, all you have to do is look at the story. While at camp, they were virtually held prisoner by adult leaders how looked the other way while the abuse went on. When word finally got out, the boys were harassed at their school to the point that they had to leave school. What adult authority figure were they supposed to go to?


How important this was to the courts out there can be summed up by the sentence doled out. 24 cases of abuse get you 150 days of jail and probation, or about 7 days per case. Now, there's justice for you.


Re: the Atlanta case. Ed, sounds to me like Brent is just ranting from the other side of the fence.

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Don't get me wrong, I take child molestation seriously. If it were my kid, I'd probably get arrested myself for metting out my own justice with a baseball bat rather than using law enforcement and the courts. From the story, the boys told their dad what happened in the camp parking lot when he picked them up. I agree that the guy got off way too lightly. I just fail to understand why the problem is being addressed a decade later. With up to 24 boys molested just at that one summer camp, you'd think "something" more would have happened over the last 10 years.

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I'm sure to someone like you, who is interested in seeing the BSA fail, my postings of good news from Atlanta does seem like ranting. Sorry to ruin your day, but here is more good news.


We had our District banquet last night. The new SE for the AAC joined us for the evening. He pointed out that with the FOS donations received at a B&G earlier that day, we have already met and exceeded our FOS goal. Understand we still have several units which have not held their FOS fundraiser, including my Pack, which is probably the second largest in the District.

Add in our District Golden Eagle breakfast which raised over $114,000, and we have far exceeded our goal of $130,000 by 135%.

He also mentioned that even though we had 6 crews attend Philmont, a large group attend the National Jamboree, other units attending NT and SB, and other units attending summer camp out of council, we still set a record for the number of Scouts attending our 2 Council camps, Bert Adams and Woodruff.

Our guest speaker last night was the 2003-04 BSA Antarctic Scout, who is from the AAC. Every 2 years, the BSA chooses 1 Eagle Scout from across the country between the ages of 18 and 21 to attend an 8 month expedition to the South Pole, all expenses paid. While there he helped a number of world-renown scientists conduct their experiments. This Eagle Scout is also a Junior at Georgia Tech. It was a fascinating presentation! What a great night for Scouting!

Yeah, I love this ranting stuff!(This message has been edited by BrentAllen)

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Cleaning things up one step at a time -

THIS is why some of us STAY involved.



Challenged on numbers last Spring, the Exec Board appointed a volunteer to audit numbers last Spring. He "could not" or "would not" do so. All through 2005 there were endless recruitment pushes.


BSA Region came in and did a LIMITED examination and said they could find no evidence that procedures and policies on membership reporting were not being followed. Nice double negative. NO specific numbers were mentioned.


Guidestar now has 12/31/05 numbers up


"Serves 7700 youth"


NOTHING NEAR the "over 10,000" claimed for 12/31/2004






AND contributions dropped by 35% in two years despite a doubling of fundraising expenditures.


ALL signs of SERIOUS problems.....


OH, and the dismissed volunteer filed suit in court this week too.


And the volunteers in Chicago are continuing to make progress ousting their leadership. New COURT ORDERED elections are coming up.


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