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Does anyone on this board understand the time, effort, and money involved to bid on a large government contract? Is not one of the reasons for a noncompetitive bid, time efficiency? For your edification:


Halliburton Contract Originally Awarded In Competitive Bidding Process


[H]alliburton Is In Iraq Primarily Because In 2001 It Won A Competitive Bidding Process To Administer The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, A Multiyear Contract To Supply The Army. (Max Boot, Op-Ed, Dont Blame Halliburton, Los Angeles Times, 4/22/04)


Halliburton Received No-Bid Contracts During Clinton Administration For Work In Bosnia And Kosovo. Halliburton has also gotten some no-bid jobs in Iraq, just as it did in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s, and for the same reason: Not a lot of other firms have similar expertise in supplying the U.S. military, and with a war on theres no time to stage a lengthy bidding process. (Max Boot, Op-Ed, Dont Blame Halliburton, Los Angeles Times, 4/22/04)


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No-bid contracts shouldn't be awarded to anyone, regardless of the administration. Could be Halliburton didn't come up as a problem during Clinton's adminstration because the conservatives were too busy going after him because he couldn't keep his zipper up. :)


Doesn't it seem just a bit convenient that a contract for military support seems to be structured in such a way that only one company can fulfill the requirements? Hmmmm.


And what was the meaning of that quote, anyway? When you've got a war going on, you don't have time to think and do things properly? Things like actually including the cost or the war in the budget for everyone to see? Maybe that's the reason our boys in Iraq don't have adequate equipment and have to raid the supplies of the reserve units when they are sent over, with the result that those units are returning home without the equipment needed to respond to emergencies at home?

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Top Nine Reasons It is Still Safer to Go Hunting with Dick Cheney than to ride in a Car with Ted Kennedy



9 . The Vice President doesn't need to sober up before calling for help.

8 . The Vice President travels with a medical team rather than a scandal sanitation squad.

7 . Vice President Cheney does not have delusional Presidential aspirations to cloud his judgment in a crisis.

6 . Hunting with the VP doesn't involve navigating any dangerous bridges.

5 . As the victim of an accident involving a Republican, your name will actually be reported on CNN and CBS news.

4 . Cheney - Number 8 Bird Shot; Kennedy - 8 shots of Wild Turkey.

3 . You don't have to wait for Cheney to concoct an alibi before help arrives.

2 . If there is an accident, Cheney will attempt to save your life rather than his political career.

1 . You will be able to tell your children and grandchildren about hunting with the Vice Presdient years later.



Anyway you slice it: It is Still Safer to Go Hunting with Dick

Cheney than to Ride in a Car with Ted Kennedy!!!!


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Only a group (Democrats) so desperate for a scandal would think that. Anyone who knows anything about the hunting business knows the owner wouldn't let them hunt if they were intoxicated. The owner of the ranch would be extremely liable for letting that happen, and then have an accident.


Post-Shooting Procedures

The following rules generally apply after a shooting incident (accidental or self-defense), whether you are the Vice President of the United States or a police officer. Thanks to Dr. Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist, for listing these important basics, and providing facts. For some mysterious reason, little of this has come out in news reports.


1. All shooting incidents are traumatic for the good guys, especially when innocent people have been hurt.


2. Post-shooting trauma is REAL and every good person involved in a shooting incident gets it. Sleeplessness, flashbacks, disorientation, remorse, malaise and other post-trauma symptoms are routine, expected and must be dealt with.


3. You have no legal obligation to contact or talk to the press, and defense attorneys advise against doing so.


4. A person is least capable of making a coherent and consistent statement, with good word choices and chronological accuracy, immediately after a shooting incident, even though the urge to talk is typically great, and everyone around you will encourage it.


5. Knowing this, the police have adopted good standard procedures you can use as a guide. Remove yourself from all public contact, and go on "administrative leave" (with pay), until an official statement can be released in writing, in cooperation with a team of lawyers, within two weeks.


6. No statement of any kind should be made until conferring with attorneys.


7. You are advised against talking with police unless your lawyer is present.


8. The first concern must be for an injured party. Timely reporting to law enforcement authorities is also essential, and it would be improper for police to leak this to the press (both rules were observed in the Cheney incident).


9. Allow yourself time to appropriately psychologically process your post-shooting psychological trauma, and debrief this critical incident for 24 to 48 hours. Only then should you consider making a statement to the press, the authorities, or anyone. Expressing sadness, contrition and assuming FULL responsibility for the accident (as Cheney did in this case) is appropriate.


10. Do everything you can to avoid such situations.


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By meeting with law enformcement at the first opportunity, Cheney could have dispelled any concern on the use of alcohol in this event. By stonewalling the local police for a period equal to the time necessary to sober up, it only creates more questions than it answers. In this case, Cheney was his worst enemy.

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