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Olympics Start Tonight

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Folks this is sport! Not politics!


I though Yoko Ono was great! Imagine was a perfect song for the games! The opening ceremonies were great! Very innovative! And I hate opera but Pavarotti was great! And very appropriate!


Get a life!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10(This message has been edited by evmori)

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".... and you complain about Bode"


I never said a word about him!!


I suppose I should be offended by "if you could break out of your flaming liberal the sky is pink world, perhaps you could you grasp the idea that God is ALMIGHTY GOD, and he is not to be ignored or taken lightly.

I admit to being a liberal, if that makes the sky pink. I'll look forward to some great sunsets.

As for my grasping the idea that there is almighty God? I think I've got it.

Only in the books I read he is a loving and merciful God.

I find it very sad that you state:

"The fact is - the best that man has to offer cannot change the hearts of other men and make the world a better place to live."

Maybe because I see the sky as being pink, I still have faith in my fellow man. If I didn't I would think the time we spent working with the youth we serve would be a complete waste of time.


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One of our patrols got 1st in the sled race and the other patrol got first in the biatholon. I was in my 3 season tent as my son commandeered our 4 season tent for him and his friends. From the ventalation my tent provided, I could have just as well slept under the stars! Biggest challenge was trying to keep everything from freezing solid, we failed at that. Coolers provided little insulation at that temp. Learned to fill every pot and kettle with water before bedtime, then thaw it on the stove in the morning to fill water bottles. Did you know you can't crack an egg when its frozen solid?

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