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Not showing the twin towers falling?

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I love this place, I find out so much new stuff. The showing of the twin towers comming down controversy mentioned in another thread is new to me. Who is advocating it and where can I find it? Is this an urban legend?


I can't tell how many times I have seen footage of Pearl Harbor and no one seems offended though thosaunds died that day. I have seen footage of Nazi concentration camps and no one seems to want to block those images. Men comming ashore on D-Day and that guy falling over. Where is this comming from?

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I've heard some people say they get upset seeing the images of the twin towers falling, but am not aware of any real controversy.


I remember, vaguely, a time when people were upset over the challenger disaster being shown over and over again.


I wonder if the distance of time makes a difference? No one seems upset these days over pictures of Pearl Harbor or Nazi concentration camps.


Although not "real" but accurately portrayed, highly-rated movie productions such as Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan depict events in which many more people were killed, but I've never heard any outcry of emotion over showing these images.


Perhaps the reason no one gets upset over images from Pearl Harbor and the like is because they are from events that happened several generations ago and are not still fresh in our memory.


I imagine that in a decade or two, 9/11 will become an event of more historical significance than personal tragedy and the images from that day more easily watched.

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There are people alive today who were at Pearl Harbor, there are survivors of the concentratoin camps in Nazi Germany alive today, take the Skoie Swift in the summer to see the prisoner tattoes.


The Jews use the phrase "we will never forget" we should use it as well when talking about the twin towers, yes it jangles the nerves, but we must never forget.

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OGE - yes, of course, there are people alive today that survived Nazi concentration camps and witnessed Pearl Harbor. Not suggesting there aren't. I also am not suggesting that anyone ever forget those tragedies or those that happened more recently.


I was only suggesting that 9/11 is still too fresh in people's memory and that the distance of time might make it easier for people to watch a news program or documentary showing the towers falling.

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Boy do I need to take my smart pills!!

I didn't read the other thread??

I thought we were talking about the Lord Of The Rings!!

If this wasn't a family friendly site I think I might have said that I'd had a brain ......

Thanks to to the magic of Hollywood and the special effects that seem to blow my pea sized brain, it seems that in many ways that we are not sure what is real and what isn't.

I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I see some images come on the screen.

Seeing images of kids starving in Africa and India just rips me up.

The films taken of the Nazi concentration camps, almost make me lose faith in my fellow man. How could anyone do this to another person?

The footage of what happened on September 11 in New York, along with the terror attacks in Spain and England make me feel much the same way. How can people do this sort of thing.

I'm too young to have been around during the first and second world wars.

I do remember the images of Vietnam on the BBC and it seemed that over in England at that time the feeling was that the Americans were guilty of some really nasty stuff.

I can't remember where I was or what I was doing the day JFK was shot, I do remember watching the funeral.

The other week on the Discovery Channel they tried to put together all the photos and film footage that had been taken the day he was shot, they played and replayed the assassination. It was too much for me.

I remember watching the first moon walk and years later I bought the 45 rpm record at the Air and Space Museum.

I do of course know where I was and what I was doing on September 11.

Without wanting to show any disrespect to anyone. I do feel shocked, I do feel saddened and my heart goes out to all the families that lost family members.

But I also find myself standing on awe of just how brave and how selfless some people were on that day.

If watching the towers come down reminds us just how brave the people who rushed into the towers were, it is worth seeing the footage again and again.


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I am the one that said they weren't showing the Twin Towers falling on TV because it offended or anger people.


There was a song, "Do you remember" that was popular and there was a line about not showing the Towers falling on TV anymore. About that same time, I saw a piece on the news that it was decided that showing the Twin Towers falling caused a lot of anger and bad feelings toward Muslims in general, and those that were responsible for the attack. Some people can't tell the difference between the two. I had read some more stuff in the local paper and stuff on the internet. I can't cite you to those articles, because they made me mad enough, that I "shut down" and didn't bother to save or mark those stories.


I know after Pear Harbor, many loyal Americans of Japense hertigage were rounded up and put in camps. I suppose there is always a fear that that type of thing will happend again, because the actions were declared not to be illegal by the Courts at that time.


This January 28, 2006, they showed the Challenger blowing up. On September 11, 2005, I scanned the different news and I didn't see pictures of the Twin Towers falling. Granted, I can't scan all the channels and I could have missed something, but I know ABC, CBS & NBC didn't show it on the broadcast that were broadcast here in town.


Every December 7th that I can remember, they have always showed pictures of the that attack. They have even shown pictures of the different Nazi Concentration Camps on the anniversary of the liberation of that camp. They even show footage of the June 6, 1944, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Guadacannel, Lenigrad, Stalingrad, Hiroshima, Nagaski, Bataan, Corridgor, etc.


Ironic thing now is the "Peaceful Muslims" burning embassies, "friendly" countries withdrawing dipolmatic missions from Europe because of some political cartoons. American Media has said they won't publish these cartoons, because they insult a religion. Of course, it is still okay to insult Chritianity, Judism & Buddism.


Now how does this ditrabe that I have gone on about pertain to Scouting? Simple, the people that have no problems attacking Scouting don't want to offend Islamic leaders, countries and people. But it is okay to tell a 13 year old that the organization that he likes and enjoys and is learning important leadership skills, is a "bad" organization because it requires you to profess a belief in God. That is what really burns me.


Well, that is my two cents worth.

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SoDakScouter writes:

Simple, the people that have no problems attacking Scouting don't want to offend Islamic leaders, countries and people. But it is okay to tell a 13 year old that the organization that he likes and enjoys and is learning important leadership skills, is a "bad" organization because it requires you to profess a belief in God. That is what really burns me.


No, it's a bad organization because they tell that same 13-year-old's friend that he can't join because he has the "wrong" religious views.


About that same time, I saw a piece on the news that it was decided that showing the Twin Towers falling caused a lot of anger and bad feelings toward Muslims in general, and those that were responsible for the attack. Some people can't tell the difference between the two.


You can't tell the difference between people who are against the BSA's discriminatory policies, and people who don't want to offend Islamic leaders, countries and people.

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By chance, there was a column in today's fishwrapper about the Twin Tower theories. Didn't know there were legitimate theories about what brought down the buildings until I read it. A Google search revealed plenty of sites. I'm not talking about the 4,000 people of Jewish faith who some fringe people were saying didn't go to work that day. These are a lot saner sounding and some with actual scientific and academic credentials, who are saying the building collapses don't match what should have happened if they were hit by planes. Another JFK assasination business in the bud? :(


Anyway, I may be different than most people, but it seems to me that most normal people can get used to the idea that any kind of disaster took place and deal with it. If they don't want to see the pictures, they can switch the channels. BTW, there was recently an Investigative Reports, or one of those shows, on the 9/11 attacks, showing all the pics. There are a couple of movies for TV about flight 93 and what they did to thwart the hijackers. To me, those things help us not to forget what we are dealing with in the war on terror.


Of course, I go to Pearl Harbor quite a lot and get to meet an occasional survivor. I never see that memorial over the Arizona and the oil slick still coming out of her without being reminded of their sacrifice and what can happen to us without warning.


I'm sure there are some people who object to showing footage of the disaster, but there always those people around. Some people are never able able to get over it for some reason. I feel badly for them, but they are such a minority that I don't think we can expect the media to adjust everything to the feelings of a very few.

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What happened on 9/11 was a great tragedy caused for no reason other than to inflict terror. If we forget this event, the terrorists win. Never forget! Always remember! We were attacked by a bunch of cowards.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

Here We Go Steelers!

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"Simple, the people that have no problems attacking Scouting don't want to offend Islamic leaders, countries and people."


Not real sure where this connection comes from. I'm quite sure the ACLU would support the right of any media outlet to show pictures of the World Trade Center falling down regardless of who they offended. This is the same group that supported the right of white suppremists to express their views and also supports the rights of publishers of pornography. (Not to extend the debate on the ACLU, but the ACLU has also defended the rights of Christians to express and practice their faith.)


However, just because the media has a right to publish certain material doesn't mean they should. The point is they have the right to make a choice.


All of us I'm sure find one message or another offensive. I'm sure Christians would be offended if an unflattering cartoon of Christ were published by the Europeans. Jerry Falwell would probably say something like he would hope Europe does not suffer a natural disaster because God would not be there for them and there would be an effort to boycott Danish butter cookies. I'm sure the Christian kooks from Kansas that show up at military funerals saying God is punishing the US for supporting gays and lesbians would be involved somewhere protesting in front of European embassies.


Others find the publication of the names and faces of military personnel that have been killed in Iraq offensive and believe this somehow provides aid and comfort to the enemy.


We all have the right to be offended and the right to protest the publication of material we find offensive. We don't have a right to act out in violence toward others nor do we have a right to prevent folks from publishing material we don't like.





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The Twin Towers falling is an emotional event in my area of northern New Jersey. The NYC skyline is visible from within the town I grew up in. It is not unusual for either yourself or someone you know to have lost a relative, friend or a neighbor in the Twin Towers attack. Just driving around in my town and seeing the hole in the sky where the Twin Towers stood is very emotional for me. It is my reminder of what happened and that I lost my best friend of 35 years that day.

Do I like seeing the Towers falling or that hole in the NYC sky, no not really. I have to agree that others may need reminding of what happened that tragic day. We as a nation should never forget what happened that day and if showing the Twin Towers falling accomplishes that then by all means show it.


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Dad was assigned to Corregidor, with the 59th Coast Artillery Regiment, in December 1941. A few hours after Pearl Harbor in solar time, but on 8 December 1941, World War II began for him.


Just over five months later, his active combat ended and he was taken captive by the Japs. (I use that term malice aforethought). He was held as a slave of the Imperial Japanese Army until August 1945. The Japs, in a note through their/our embassies in Geneva, Switzerland, told us they were not signatories to and would not honor the Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war.


To this day, Dad does not want to return either to his battlefield or to the places of his captivity. I didn't understand this for many years.


I understood after 9/11. I used up much of my store of emotional energy watching those buildings fall again and again, and seeing the aftermath of the Pentagon E ring being shredded on one side.


Time may heal all wounds, but the footage of 9/11 is still too fresh for me.

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I have a dear friend from an online Widow Support group I am on. She get so upset.

She lost her husband and her brother. She says she understands that people want to remember it. But like she said every time it shows her kids get to see the image of their father and uncle getting killed again. OVER and OVER and OVER again.


She takes her kids every year the week of Sept. 11 and goes away where there aren't any TVs so they don't have to see it. She said the first year her daughter got hysterical when she saw it and she ended up in the ER with her. Like she says. We will never forget it but we don't have to be reminded of it every day with our breakfast.


After Pearl the TV coverage was nothing like it is today. They showed Pearl often but not almost every day. My dad was on the California at Pearl. Had nightmares for years after. My late husband was forced to be in the Hitler Youth Corp. He watched as his father was killed because he questioned an SS officers order. Not doing it just wanting to make sure what the order was. He was stripped and made to stand in front of their house in the snow for 4 days. He died a week later.

His family will never forget what happened. But it is nice to not be reminded of it daily(This message has been edited by Lynda J)

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