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Scouts' debt to cost their members

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And to clarify: I mean that the council should be able to recognize a lack of participation. I don't, personally, see that trend being reflected. The summer camp is well attended, and although some council events might need improvement, I'd expect a bit more warning from the council that they need improvement as opposed to this. It's fishy, I think. You'd expect a well documented trend of decline and not a sudden surplus to debt situation.


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Eamonn wrote, in part:


The budget is put together by the Council Executive. I do question what real training they have to do this?

Most professional Scouters I know don't have a business or an accounting background. Very few know very much about grant writing.


Eamonn, as a businessman, and as a Council Executive Board member, how much did you and other volunteers assist the SE in developing his annual budget?


I wasn't born yesterday; I've learned there are folks who are far more savvy than I in any number of intellectual and functional skills. I've learned also that Scouters gladly help each other, including using their day job skills.


If a SE doesn't leverage the resources of his Council, shame on him.


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And as for what units expect from their councils all I can say is that I expect them to do their job -- as they expect me to do mine. If processing paperwork competently and on time is a burden then they're not doing their job. That portion of their responsibilities should have nothing to do with popcorn money or FOS.


It has a great deal to do with FOS and popcorn and camp fees and scout store prices. It what pays for the salaries of the people who make their living working for you and your unit. It pays for the building and supplies and the upkeep of camps and the program. If not for FOS and popcorn and there wouldnt be people to do those things. ManyIrons think of that next time you fill out your FOS pledge.

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Thank you NWScouter.


Eammon, I know of no other unit level fundrasier that is sponsored by, or supported by National. I believe that individual councils have the option to not participate in the Trails End popcorn, but they make that decision themselves.


Either way the concept is the same.... individual units should support their councils fundraiser (whatever that may be)instead of being selfish by running their own and then complaining about the local camp or service from the Service Center.

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Processing paperwork competently and on time is core requirement of the council. They were doing that decades before FOS and popcorn came into being. The argument that without the money from those programs there wouldnt be people to do those things is a glittering generality. In my council FOS and popcorn money comprises approx. 1/3 of the budget. Even with a complete collapse of that source of revenue, theres still plenty of money to get the paperwork processed. Certainly the loss of 1/3 of income would result in cutbacks but not to processing paper.


If people complain about cutbacks to activities and facilities then one can point to decreases in support, but the original intent of this thread was a discussion on how a council could have gone from a $291K profit to a $1M debt within 2 years. To imply that even some of the blame for this can be laid at the feet of units who do not participate in FOS or popcorn is absurd. Even with a $100K drop in FOS, the council had the responsibility to live within its means. Attempting to charge an additional fee and pointing the finger at FOS is shirking responsibility.


And please dont lecture me on my FOS contribution. I strongly support FOS in every way possible. Our FOS date has been scheduled for over a month now. I contribute generously every year, and our troop consistently meets its goal. Furthermore, Im a trained FOS presenter and will be out there making the pitch to help my council.


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