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The ACLU finds some time

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The problem with Judge Moore's display of the big 10 was its prominence in the foyer of the courthouse. It was not a simple plaque on the wall, it was the centerpiece and quite noticeable. It isn't hard for an avowed atheist to feel that Judge Moore would not rule objectively in his case. He demonstrated a clear bias towards religious people. All the atheist would have to do in his court was to proclaim his beliefs and if the judge ruled against him, he would have a strong case for appeal no matter the merits. Besides, of the 10 commandments, only 3 are part of our criminal code. 4 if you include adultery. The rest are religious rules and cannot be enforced or punished the courts. At least not yet. I don't have a problem with the depiction of Moses on the SCOTUS building because of what Merlyn has stated, its part of a long list of historical rules and doesn't specify any for the court to follow (blank tablets).

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Actually its not just the Atheist that may have been intimidated by Moore's display. Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Baha'is Meher Babas and Zoroastrians all whose faiths do not include the 10 commandments may have not figured to get a fair shake in the Judge's courtroom.


For a bright shiny new dime, what does the above mentioned faiths have in common besides being non-christian?

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BrentAllen writes:

The wording is a little different and the order changed, but the 10 commandments are basically the same. If there isn't some kind of numbering, how did they all arrive at "10"?


Because they all wanted to arrive at 10. If you want a Spinal Tap version that goes up to 11, just combine features of the different versions.


And they ARE different. The Catholic version (based on Deuteronomy) doesn't have a prohibition against graven images, for example.


I'm curious - as an atheist, what do you care what the 10 commandments say? It's all just mythology, right?


Yes, but Ed seems to be under the delusion that the commandments are listed in the supreme court building. They aren't.


Hey Ed, would you object to a city council displaying some rules from the koran, based on the argument that the supreme court building depicts a koran, so that makes it ok?

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Moore campaigned on a narrow sectarian basis. One can be a christian and find his approach threatening. He violated federal court orders and the financial procedures of the Alabama courts. He felt he was above the law. I guess that is perfectly fine when you are closer to God than everyone else.

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Trev, that's not the answer I was looking for, but if you PM me I will send you my address and if you send me a self addresed stamped envelope, I will send you your dime as it's technically correct.


The answer I was going for is that those faiths I listed all have religious award medals sanctioned by the BSA to be worn on the uniform

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Ed writes:


Not a problem! As long as every faith has the same opportunity. Freedom of religion!


But they don't, Ed. Typically, city officials put up some display that includes their religion - they don't create a public forum open to the public. Judge Moore refused other groups that wanted to put up displays in the Alabama supreme court.


Do you agree that city councils shouldn't put up a religious display they agree with and refuse permission for a similar display that they disagree with?

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I already answered that, Merlyn.


Now what are you going to do about the Ten Commandments in the SCOTUS building? Oh wait - you already answered that - nothing! Then leave all the other Ten Commandment displays alone on all the other government buildings. Freedom of religion!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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Have you ever noticed that no Jewish groups go around making a fuss about keeping the 10 commandments on display at public buildings?


Since we had them first, you'd think we'd be fighting tooth and nail to keep them up.


My guess is, after centuries of having someone else's religion shoved in our faces, we're unwilling to do the same to others. (Yep, the "Golden Rule" was ours first, too).



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