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Spokane Scout Scandal

I was going to let this sit and wait until someone else brought it up, but If no one else wants to, or knows about it, its time the story is told.


Spokane Mayor Jim West has recently been outed as a bi/homo-sexual, nothing unusual in light of the last few years. But heres the kicker, this is accompanied with atleast four seprate aqusations of child molestation as early as the 1970's and as recent as late as the early 80's. But why bring it up here you might ask? Mr. West at the time this all occured was a Troop Leader and Sheriffs deputy. West ran my camp (the same camp that atleast one charge of molestation occured at) for five years, almost six, but had to resign due to colon cancer.... To my knowledge he was still registered in the council last year. untill this story broke was also on the board for "morning star boys ranch" a facility that young men with criminal behaviors are placed in to sober up, get thier lives straight, etc.



For the full story go here: http://www.spokesmanreview.com/jimwest/

For INWC formal statement: http://www.inwc-bsa.org/forms/BSAStatementonMayorWest.pdf



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Mr. West is quite a prominent Scouter and Republican. He has taught at

National Camp School and when the story broke, he stepped down from the Inland Empires Executive Board and his BSA membership revoked. The real interesting part of the story is that for all his time in the Washington State Legislature (both a rep and senator), he has been a leading opponent of gay rights, including sponsoring bills to have gays fired from teaching positions. I am surprised that he was still a registered Scouter because a year or so ago he was convicted of making threats against the life of lobbyist. Local papers are reporting that rumors of his activities floated around for years.


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