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Scandal in Alabama?

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Aside from the drama, I just meant I'd rather disagree about good things than agree about bad things.


Sweeping it under the rug just allows it to continue. Eventually people find out and there's our next PR crisis. You can bet it only got to be this big of a lie because when it was little people looked the other way.


Just makes ya crazy, because now each of us has to double check all our numbers and be ready to justify them and validate them because we'll all be put under the microscope as we were the ones breaking the rules. Hate to be the next person who makes and Honest mistake...



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I doubt that anyone responding to this topic needs to do any more than they have done in the past regarding enrollment. The problem seems to originate up the line someplace, past our involvement. After all, what incentive is there for a volunteer leader to 'pad' the roll? I doubt that doing something like that has even crossed the minds of most volunteers, I sure hadn't thought of it before.

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Hold on very tight!!

I find that I am in total agreement with Backpacker and BadenP!!

BadenP posted:

".. As a former senior DE I have witnessed DE's and SE's do some unscrupulous things."

I have tried to be nice and use the word "Creative" and not use unscrupulous. I really wish with all my heart that I could disagree with him - But I can't and it hurts!!

Yesterday I spoke with a ex DE, this mess was brought up and he said how wrong it all was. He did however go on to say that with so much riding on Quality. So much being ; Bread on the table, money for retirement, just so very much. That while he couldn't condone such behaviour and it was a real mess. He did see why it might happen.

Backpacker Posted:

is the scouters who make this program work, we are the ones who help the boys, and it is we who can rise above the scandals by delivering an effective program to the youth that instills in them leadership and character qualities. Scouting is still one of the best youth programs being offered today in spite of a few corrupt individuals. You don't need Bob White to tell you that, it should be what motivates your own program.

I am overjoyed to agree with every word.

While I at this time serve on the District, Council and Area committees. I am very aware that what might be called "Real Scouting" doesn't happen at dinner meetings or in conference rooms.

"Real Scouting" is where the rubber meets the road, in the Den Meetings, Troop meetings, Crew Meetings. This is where the program is delivered.

When I look back on the time that I spent in Scouting, I see the relationships that I had with the people in the Pack, Troop and Venture Unit (UK Crew, at that time) As a youth member I didn't give a hoot to who served at the District level and above.

Maybe as I grew older and learned more about the program, I discovered that the Leaders I had didn't do things by the book. But they were to me what Scouts and Scouting were all about. I was happy, in fact I was more than happy that these good people were willing to give up their time and do what they could for me.

The repercussions from this mess have yet to be seen. I hope that there is a lot of thought given to finding a way of making the system better. Meanwhile the little Lad who is all thumbs will work on his knots, by spring he will have mastered them and will go off to a weekend camp-out, put this new skill to work and God willing he will have fun. Not because of what National has done or is doing, but because some nice person in his community has taken the time to work with him and maybe play with him.


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I have been a member of four Scout Councils in two states and served with numerous DE's. I have seen the best of some of these professionals and the worst. I have seen inflated numbers, multiple registrations, and the stretching of budgets just to meet goals set by those in positions of power. I have heard the, "Numbers is all there is" rational used for many good reasons. I am not surprised that the FBI is investigating a Scout council for doing something that appeared to me as a standard practice.


I don't agree with these kinds of underhanded methods and find it repulsive for several reasons. The best reason is not that it violates the Scout Law but that surely is second on the list. The first reason is the message it sends to those outside the organization throughout America. It tells kids all across the land that the BSA program is not a worthy attraction, nor a good place to spend their time. It is read that way because it looks like they have to pad the numbers for propaganda purposes. The professionals need to know how it is read when they are found out.


Program is the foundation of any organization and if it is a good program, then the numbers will be there. The goal needs to be quality program only.






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Read Applebome's book "Scout's Honor" for a great outsider's look into BSA and the historical perspective on this and other problems we have.


Split the Scoutreach numbers out of the standard program as there is great opportunity for deceptive numbers in this program.

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This Thursday night, the local FOX channel affiliate in Atlanta is running an investigative report on "Ghost Boy Scouts and Phantom Troops" during the news hour


Don't know whether this is about the Alabama situation or the reports of the inflated minority scout numbers in Atlanta - I'll just have to tune in on Thursday ( 6 and 11 )

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