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I am an American.

My family has had many to serve our great country. My husband retired from the service of our great country.

We live in the most wonderful country of all. Why is it the most wonderful country of all?


Because we can have our own opinions and voice them without fear of retribution.

Because we can make our own choices.

Because we can have these petty arguements online and not fear government involvement.



Just because someone believes something different than me does not disqualify them from being an American too.


But the great thing about America is that I don't HAVE to believe or agree with what they do. That is my hard fought, hard won right.


But on the flip side, I should not try to infringe my beliefs on others.


Do not belittle people for believing what they do. Just let others know your stance and remember that everyone has their own.


How boring it would be if everyone acted like everyone else and never constructively argued anything. The key word being constructively.


If I have offended anyone I am truly sorry. I always was an optimist and can't stand for anyone to have hurt feelings and not try to do something.


Let's all agree to disagree on politics. :)



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Thanks for this post, carol.


I think there are two ways we could agree to disagree.


One: talk about issues, not people. Once it gets personal, then it can get nasty.


Two: try not to take criticism of your point of view as a personal criticism. This is hard to do, especially when you feel strongly about something.



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Email communication is generally written as if it is coming from an unknown corner of the world. People tend to write things they would not usually say to a person's face or even on the telephone. This makes for unique conversations that would never happen around a friendly campfire.


Writing about politics is a good example. Most people won't publicly discuss it because of its volatile nature. Here it is done without a thought. Correcting another person is hardly done in public but here it becomes a personal mission for some to openly reject and contradict even the slightest miscue and then act as if it is not bad manners.


My opinion is that we should agree to write like we talk to each other, especially when we disagree.




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