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FROM THE WORDS OF THE GREAT EAMONN: (advising Bob White to stay)


While Mr Bob White and I do not at times see eye to eye. I have said that He WOULD be a welcome addition to the District Committee, on which I serve.

Sad to say Bob, that I think that you are not right about this one.

If you stop posting. Not only will I lose out on your opinions which I do value.

It also means that I miss out on disagreeing with you.

While I don't wish to be rude about Mr Fat Old Guy.

I would think that most of the people who read and post in this forum can see what is right and what is wrong.

As everyone knows, there have been times when I have been wrong.

Not so long ago I got on my high horse about something and was in the wrong.

Then I remember that our Man Of Steele, got upset when I called DE's "Nitwits" !!!

When I stick my foot in my mouth. I do try to put it right.

We have a lot of really outstanding people in this forum. I really do think that 99.9% are it this for the good of our youth.

Please count yourself in this number.

We have both been in this organization to know that there will always be a few who just don't get "It."

I would also hope that I'm not the only one who can see that at times you do have your tongue in your cheek.

You will of course do as you see fit.

But I for one would hope that you reconsiser.

Please don't let the 0.01% hold the winning hand.


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In light of the changes that have been made to the forum I have decided to return.

I would very much like to thank all the people who E-mailed me or send me private messages.

I have to admit that when I seen " From the words of great Eamonn" In capital letters on the top of this thread. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

However in the light of all the changes that have happened I feel sure that 9muckraker7 intended The Great Eamonn as a compliment.This being the case I feel bad about thinking ill of him.

As to the old posting about Bob White I still stand by every word that I posted.


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I think the thread confused you, old friend. He was referring to the "Great" Eamonn. You're the White haired Eamonn. Different birds.


And who was this Steele guy, anyway? Anyone who tries to defend DE's is, himself, a nitwit.


Okay, just kidding all around.


Glad to "see" you old china.



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Thanks for the nice words.

Also Congratulations to Hops- Scout. I think this was a great move and I know that Hops will do an outstanding job.

As for my defending DE's. They are fine until they grow up and become Field Directors.


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I don't mind admitting...I'm confused. Did Eamonn and Bob White leave all the forums or just the one on politics? Is Bob White still gone?

Edited Part: Oops, welcome back Eamonn!(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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ditto all of the above ... welcome back, Eamonn ... thought for awhile there that we will have to do without your British accent ... well at least for a week there, we still have ozemu and his Aussie accent!

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Welcome back, Eamonn.


You're right in taking the quote "the Great Eamonn" as a compliment; it was intended to be so.


I was browsing through earlier posts and when I came across that post, I felt it necessary that others (including yourself and Bob White) should read and be reminded of your words regarding such a pertinent topic.


Once again, I welcome you back to the forums, and look forward to reading about your experiences and insights.


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Thank You 9muckraker7

(I know that I'm being nosy - But what's the story behind the name?)

You have proved that my dear pal Unc. can be wrong. He must have me mixed up with another Eamonn.


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