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Proper Use of the Flag - Super Bowl Half - time

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I have to admit that when I think of controversial spontaneous sports moments, the main one that sticks in my mind had nothing to do with a flag... you remember, the American women's soccer player after she scored the winning goal in the championship game...

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The young lady's name is Brandy Chastain and when you think of it, the sports bra she had on under her jersey is much more than what is worn during most female beach volleyball matches...


no problem NJ, I was just recounting a sports memory, as far as American atheletes running around stadiums with American flags, FOG's memory could be one of several, anywhere from Carl Lewis to Michael Johnson and scores in between. I also remember Bruce Jenner with his American flag and most of the US gold medal winnning boxers all waving flags. From my view they were celebrating the moment with flags which had not been mutilated. But maybe I am just overreacting, hard to beleive but it happens.


As a side note, has anyone explained to their scouts that its really not ok to pull down a womans top after you dance with her even if she says its alright?



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In a poor man's attempt to discern the intent of both Kid Rocks and J.J.'s performance or to determine their goal of either advertising or inspiring, I offer these insights.


It appears from this diatribe that few were inspired. One or two propose a weak argument for an introspective inspiration. The remainder appears to side with the stronger argument for advertisement. In my other words, the glory that was intended appeared to most observers to be one of self glorification and not one to instill national pride.


Few have stopped to ask if both performers suffer from some type of delusions of grandeur. It may be that their intent was to inspire but their poor deranged minds could only come up with this meager ill defined tribute to patriotism. If we found out that drugs or some other foul potion had slowed their rational thought processes to a crawl, we would all be sympathetic to such a display of tasteless talent bent toward American pride but then I also could be wrong. There well could be other less pleasant explanations.




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