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Saddam Captured!

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Woke up this morning around 5:30 and got one of the best Xmas presents a service member can get. U.S. military got the Bad Guy!!!!


Now may our troops get home a little faster. I just hope the knuckleheads, that keep ambushing my military brothers and sisters, get the picture and know that they are fighting a lost cause.




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Yaaaaaahoooooooo!!! I'm afraid we'll have some rough times ahead yet, but now the real Iraqi people will be free to begin a true life. They've been to afraid that the rat would return up until now.


Osma----------we're watching, patiently waiting until the second rat peeks out. If he weren't a rat he'd show his face and give us a clear shot.


Congratulations to all the military serving on hazardous duty, be aware and be safe. We're supporting you in every way we can!

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Are they sure it is him and not one of his hundreds of impersantors?


If it is him, what now? Will he come to America, be tried and get to spend his life in Club Fed? Will he be handed over to the Iraqis who might be like the citizens of DC and put him back in power? Or will the Iraqis stone him with pieces of his statues?



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One song, okay, partial song, keeps running through my head:


Ding, Dong! They got Saddam!

Which Saddam?

Saddam Hussein!

Ding, Dong! They got Saddam Hussein!


Great job, guys and gals of the US military and special ops forces!



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He is a survivor, no doubt about that! I feel good that he spent the last few months in a hole in the ground fearing for his life and living like he did. Capturing him alive puts and end to the "myth" and must be humiliating to much of the Arab world. As many Arabs have stated in so many words, "He is a tyrant but he is our tyrant." The sick mind of many revere him for firing missiles into Israel and for challenging the USA.


A trial in Iraq is best. His days are now numbered. Personally, I'd bury him right after I wrapped him in bacon.

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I enjoyed the ironic fact that the man who sucked his people for all they were worth, whose lavish palaces were scattered here and there, who could afford handfuls of Saddam-decoys but not to feed his people, who could so valiantly send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight his neighboring countries (and then some), was finally caught cowering in a hole, hidden under a rock like the vicious snake he is.


That humiliation alone might have been worth the wait, if you'll excuse my insensitivity for those who fought and died or were injured trying to find the atrocious weasel.


And I finally have a reason to use words and phrases like "the vicious snake he is" and "atrocious weasel." I am also quite partial to "ignorant, insolent imbecile" but I didn't want to overdo it. :)

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First of all, it's great that they got this guy. What I think it may do is to prompt the "ordinary Iraqi citizen" to fight back against the insurgents, now that they know that Saddam is no longer in the background waiting to take over again.


I do have to admit that my first thought was the same as FOG's, how do they know it's him. He did have many decoy Saddams while he was in power. (I don't think it was "hundreds," I always thought it was about 5 or 6.) However, first of all, I think that is the reason why "we" did not find out about this for about 20 hours after it happened, they were trying to verify that it was really him, as well as make sure they had him in an absolutely secure location. (I am not positive about the timing, I was driving back from a camping trip in the snow, around 11:30 a.m. EST, when I heard about it on the radio.) Second of all, I am not sure about the logic of a decoy allowing his appearance to change, or going into hiding. If the decoys were still running around, you would figure they would occasionally leave a trail somewhere in a different part of the country, both to make people think Saddam was plotting a return to power, and to throw us off the trail of the real guy. Also remember the decoys and the rest of Saddam's apparatus were not doing their jobs for free, and when we succeeded in separating Saddam from sources of money, I suspect the enthusiasm of his people to keep doing their jobs declined rapidly.


FOG also says:


If it is him, what now? Will he come to America, be tried and get to spend his life in Club Fed?


I am pretty sure that, contrary to popular belief, there are no murderers in "Club Fed." (If by Club Fed you mean the minimum security places where the inmates are treated like hotel guests, which is somewhat exaggerated in the media anyway.) For that matter, people convicted of violent crimes and most drug offenses aren't there either. A higher percentage of federal than state prisoners tend to be in for things like embezzlement, tax fraud and counterfeiting, and are therefore more suitable for mimimum security, and I think that is where the "Club Fed" reputation comes from. I have been to one federal facility that was not "Club Fed," and while it was not "Attica" either, believe me, you wouldn't want to be there. The idea that Saddam would be placed in minimum security is too cynical even for me.


Will he be handed over to the Iraqis who might be like the citizens of DC and put him back in power? Or will the Iraqis stone him with pieces of his statues?


My guess is that he will be handed over to the Iraqi provisional government -- which, don't forget, was appointed by the president's (our president's) representative -- and eventually tried and executed. I have already heard rumblings that if he is placed in "international custody," some of the other nations involved may not wish to return him to the Iraqi government because Iraq has the death penalty. The same thing happens to us sometimes when someone is in custody of Germany or Sweden or somewhere and they don't want to send him back to the U.S. because we we have the death penalty.


In any event, it will be interesting when the provisional government is ready to hand power over to an elected government. You are right, FOG, there will be an issue as to whether some in the elected government wish to follow a different course regarding Saddam. I have a feeling that we are going to keep some people within the Iraqi power structure to "help" them as they become a democracy, and one of the ways we will help is to make sure that if the new Iraqi government starts to make moves in Saddam's favor, he will be on the next plane to somewhere more under our control. If not shot "trying to escape." Not that I'm knocking that in this case.

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Very funny, FOG. I said "been to", not "been in", though I guess technically I was "in" it, for a few hours. (Fort Dix federal prison in New Jersey, where the very large rolls of razor ribbon on all sides suggest an un-Club Fed-like apporach.) Counting all levels of government, I have probably been to (or in) about 20 different prisons, jails, "correctional facilities", "detention centers", "holding areas" and "hospitals" (the kind where the "patients" can't check out). I always had a "visitors" badge, though. But I think you already figured that out.

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Way to go troops! Did I hear that one of our soldiers was about to drop a grenade down that hole b4 he saw something? That could have saved a lot of trouble. I hope he doesn't come to the states, he might get Johnny Cochrane as his defender or something.

Something else I wonder, why didn't he come out fighting? Is that suicide thing where you take as many with you as you can only good for peons? If he were a true believer in that stuff about virgins waiting for you in heaven (or wherever it is you go), wouldn't that have been better than that rat-hole he was hiding in?

Anyway, here's to the hope Bin Ladin is quickly to follow and our troops can come home to the hero's welcome they so richly deserve!!!!!



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