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junior or senior

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Usually this is done through the forum administator by user title/ranks or similar depending on the bulletin board you use. We have one on our troop web site and we created titles based on scout rank for the number of posts... "forum tenderfoot, forum second class, etc." to encourage participation.



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Benny's got the idea. You know like me have "Star Scout", etc. I dont know how it is done, sorry, but I do know it is done all over the internet. Some people also have pictures. ;)


Either way, I'll still come here more than anywhere else:)

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I do have to admit (although I try to have no ego, there is one there) that as a 14 year tenured professional and an Eagle Scout, I wasn't excited about being a "junior" forum member. At the same time, however, I recognized that I was new to the forum and did not know the players or the rules of ettiquette. The title of Junior, therefore, was what I deserved.


Perhaps the wording could be changed to something like, "new member" which is there and is fine, "current member" rather than junior, and "we haven't shot him yet" rather than senior member ;)


That way I'll feel spared rather than old. :)



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