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Pinewood Derby Racemanaging Software --- Help!

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Does anyone know of a software that will work with MicroWizard's finishing gates that will rotate the cars through each lane like that of Supertimer's Racemanager. We had Racemanagner (DOS version for over 6 years). We recently got the MicroWizard's gates and its software does not do what we want.


We need to have each car goes through each lanes after the first round. The software then groups the slowest cars together and the fastest cars together and race in different lanes than the first round. Then the next round, the software again groups the slowest together and the fastest together. So the cars will always be competitive and they won't always loose.


Any software that will do that other than Racemanager (which doesn't work with Microwizard's gates)?


Thanks in advance.(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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I know that their RaceMaster software will not work with some operating systems. GrandPrix Race Manager and DerbyMaster will communicate with the MicroWizard timer and allow you to race each car in each lane, depending on which race method you choose to use.


GrandPrix Race Manager, http://grandprix-software-central.com/

DerbyMaster, http://enterprisingideas.com/derbymaster/


There is a comparison of the two at:



Happy Racing and God Bless,



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