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Army bases I've been to always served sweet tea - love the stuff. Army cuisine in general seems to me to have a very strong Southern influence - is this true?

Sigh - the US military sure treated us Scouts well over in Europe - we had Army cooks at our resident camp dining hall, and we were feasted at our conferences at Garmisch - steak dinners, etc.

I miss the contact with the Army chaplains too - fabulous models of respect for all faiths - I hope that some of that rubbed off on me.

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Born and raised a Lutheran of Norwegian immigrant parents. Had quite a reputation of bringing strange fishy stuff on the troop hikes when I was Scoutmaster. Setting down to pickled herring and rye krisp tended to drive the Scout bonkers. One hike I had managed to get a hold of a one pound chocolate salmon. I went on and on the hold five miles how I was going to have this great fish when I got to the campsite and they should try some. Only two said they would.. When I pulled out the salmon I was almost strung up with rain fly guy lines. Out here there is nothing better alder barbecued salmon, King or Red are the best. Oh, another thing about my family, all my mothers brothers were commercial fisherman and we got free salmon all the time as I grew up. I even worked one summer in a cannery and fished another summer, both in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Also we had White Castle out here for a few years in 80s, didnt catch on and they went away. The best nostalgic hamburgers here are made by our last local true fiftys chain, Dicks. A Dicks special, fries and shake bring back memories. Im glad I live far enough away to the drive-ins or I would have my doctor breathing down my neck.

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Dang, never seen a thread get hijacked like this one has :)


Lets see, some of my favorites are quite simple....strong black coffee, and a big slice of Pecan pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.


Sourdough pancakes with real maple syrup...plus a side of Canadian bacon...


For sitting around a campfire on a cool evening (non scouting), a little ginger, or black berry brandy with ginger snaps...and a good book of poetry..



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le Voyageur,


I've made a few small modifications to your last post -


Add some cream and sugar to that coffee and substitute the pecan pie with blueberry cobbler, but keep the ice cream.


Pancakes and bacon are good, but I'll have to have two or three eggs over easy with that.


For the campfire, since you've pulled out the black berry brandy, I might be tempted into a cigar (even though I quite smoking 15 years ago) - I love the smell of tobacco (but let's not start that debate). Just to keep you guys in line, I'll throw the cigar on the campfire with the book of poetry (no offense intended towards you le Voyageur). Actually, I'd prefer another cup of coffee (but if it had a shot of Irish in it, my evening wouldn't be ruined).


If you want some true food memories, you should try some Hungarian cooking (I'm half Hungarian - mother's side). Try some Hungarian bean soup with fried potatoe bread (hot out of the pan, rubbed with garlic). This will keep the covers warm at night and keep visitors away from your tent - But you'll definitely enjoy the meal.


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Since I was the first (I think) to mention barbecue, I would like to compliment everyone for the turn this thread has taken (Craneace is probably scratching his head, wondering). Food is obviously a passion that we all share.

But I noticed a reference to pecan pie. In our parts, where barbecue is king and brunswick stew is something we don't fully understand, pecan pie occupies a place of reverence, when done well. Or as I like to say to compliment the best cooks, the best pecan pie could cause a culinary orgasm. The accent, by the way, is on the -can...a peeecan is something you take dear hunting.

Twocubdad's rendition for NC is similar to around here, yep, hush puppies are good too. I've been many places in our great country and southern barbecue doesn't seem to translate elsewhere. Not sure why not, Krispy Kremes sure conquered the yankees easily.

We barbecue every weekend each fall (whole pig, approx 200lbs) and I never get tired of it. However, I would like to get the address (how to get there) of the place that Its Trail Day mentioned to check it out. I'm always trying to learn something better.

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I love pecan pie! And a good cup of coffee to go with it! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


Now for the main course, how about a nice t-bone marinated in a burgendy wine marinade along with some parsley buttered potatoes, sauteed mushroom cap & fresh green beans in garlic butter! Yum yum!!!


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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In Jersey here (with a little part of this whiny state below the Mason Dixon Line)

Coffee, either light and sweet(kids), regular(young adults) or black (adults) and coffee is not just a breakfast drink, its an all day thing and it comes in 16 oz or 20 oz. Oh, and it comes with milk not cream (Never can get my coffee right below the mason dixon line, its always with cream, ugh)

Pork Roll, also called Jersey's finest Taylor Ham, with and egg and cheese on a hard roll with salt, pepper and ketchup (DS, if you thought you had fumigation problems with your menu, look out)

Breakfast most opted for a buttered hard roll


Lunch - the quientessial Rueben: Corned beef cooked to just about disintergration served on top of thick toasted rye bread, with russian dressing and a bed of saurkraut, all topped with a thick layer of melted swiss cheese.


Dinner: Your choice, Italian, thai, Indian, portugese (oooh pork and clams), Spanish, German, American....etc Personally I go for the Thai, Shredded beef in hot sauce (with purple basil, fish sauce and peppers), coconut/ginger soup, or a thin crust pizza (never Pizza Hut, thats for transplants) with a just enough cheese, not too much, and either sausage peppers and onions or with bacon and mushrooms....

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jbroganjr, Way, waaaaaay below the Mason-Dixon line (Costa Rica actually) they serve coffee with hot milk to keep the temperature right. I hadn't so much as tasted coffee until my 40s and then on a trip to CR my wife said if there was ever a place to taste it for the first time, CR was the place. I have to give her credit for that one!

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Her Who Must Be Obeyed, is a great iced tea drinker.

Myself coming from an Irish family who drank "Real" tea by the mug full, I could never get used to the tea this side of the pond. So for the past 20 years have been a coffee drinker.

There are few things as nice as a good hunk of aged English Chedder on top of a good rich fruit cake served with a nice glass of Black Bush.

Not to be eaten around the Scouts and all that happy stuff.

Then again a nice Dover Sole, grilled with a half a dozen oysters to start is really good.

Then again roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is really good.

But so is roast spring lamb.

Then again I just love good fruit pies.

Or then there is a not killer hot curry.

Come to think of it, we Scout people are a diverse bunch.

Maybe that is what needs to go into the report that was mentioned - How many pages back?

Eamonn(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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So, Eammon, are you saying we are a basically motely collection of multi-regional, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural scouters each with their own unique blend of scouting and life experiences?


No wonder we have quite a few "differences of opinion" spats. Its a wonder we agree on anything, oh yeah actually we do, Scoutings a Blast and as one postor often puts it, If it aint for the boys, its not worth a dam.

WOW common ground, who knew?


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