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I wanted to toss this out...Last Fall my DE approched me with the current "Progam Chairman" for the district about assuming his role as "Program Chairman"


This involves many things from promoting summer camp to arranging district camporees. We were in compleat agreement. He would pass to me his information from the past and I would be the new "Program Chairman" I would plan the fall camporee...organize and impliment...it went great.


To my suprise this week the new leadership list came out and I have already been replaced by another scouter. He is currently serving as a Tiger Leader with his pack.


I approched the DE about this via e-mail...and got blown off. Her message was you are on a sub-committee for camping. You may work on a committee for camporees as a member at large. If your presence is needed at a district meeting for a report we will let you know.


This is news to both me and the former "Program Chairman" who is woundering who will do the job. Since we both had partnered in sharing information for the change.


When something like this goes on it makes one not want to volunteer. I've been in scouting a long time. Woodbadge, Scoutmaster, Cub Master. To me this type of behavior is tactless ineptitude.


Option...lick my wounds and quietly go away...or challange this?

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If I'm not mistaken, any Scouter can attend the District meetings. I would go & confront her there. No one else on the District committee might know what happened.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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I'm not sure the DE has that kind of power. She is part of the Key-Three, go ask your District Chairman and District Commish. If they don't know whats going on, then something isn't right. I would question why the DE has so much power on your committee.



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Yes to what Ed said......and take the former Program Chair with you for back up. When someone willingly volunteers and then is given the cold shoulder, it does put a damper on your wanting to pitch in. If the offer was extended, the offer accepted and a plan put in place, it should be honored unless a valid reason can be given for why it has now changed. I think you and the former Chair could aproach the subject at a District meeting in a polite way asking for an explanation and understanding. I would assume that the rest of the folks there would be supportive of someone who was willing to take up the task and had already begun preparations for it. For crying out loud, most Councils, Districts and Units are clamoring for help. Someone has some explaining to do!

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Eagle Foot,


I serve as my District's Volunteer Resource Chair. I act as kind of an information and recruiting clearing house for the key 3. I want to express my concern for how you have been slighted. Every volunteer deserves respect. You have agreed to carry out an important job and now feel slighted when you appear to be unceremoniously removed.


I understand your frustration but I would not seek a confrontation. Remember why we volunteered in the first place for the boys. Unfortunately, we adults screw things up quite often. Talk with the other two members of the key 3, in person as soon as possible. Dont email that is too open to miscommunication.


The Chairman of the District is responsible for filling the other committee positions (not the District Commissioner). I don't know who was involved in your recruiting. I consult with the DE, the chair and commissioner about openings and potential candidates. We determine who we want and devise a recruiting strategy. Once this is done the approach is made with job description in hand. Time commitments and length of term should be part of the discussion. As an operating chair, you would serve at the pleasure of the District Chair.


That is why he should be contacted. Confrontation is not the best route. You have been treated badly and embarrassed, do not respond in kind. Instead, air your grievance with the person that can correct it. The most important question you need to ask yourself is what do you want? Do you seek reinstatement, apology, and assurance that this doesnt happen again? Only you can answer that.


From my perspective, you have a broken volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition system in your district. Run to your nearest service center and get BSA publication #34512D Selecting District People. The process for proper care and feeding of volunteers is handled nicely there. A series of other publications directed at recruitment of volunteers is listed in the Section X. READ IT FIRST. If it makes sense, give it to your chair when you meet with him. You might even offer to help with volunteer resources. I think it is the best job in scouting.

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I agree with firstpusk. I would definitely talk to the district chair privately to try to find out what is going on. That person may not be aware of what has happened. Forcing a confrontation at a district committee meeting may only harden positions that some may have taken that you know nothing about, cause more embarrassment, and make things worse rather than better. Do you really want this position that badly? Clearly something is wrong with the way this was handled, but look out what you ask for because you might get it.


When the dust is settled you might consider a private conversation with the council executive, not to nurse a grudge or assuage your own feelings, but to let that person know how the DE screwed up.

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What happened more than likely is that the current program chair let it be known that he wanted to step down and the DE tried to help him find his replacement. This is a very common but incorrect practice.


Selecting sub-committee chairs is the responsinility and authority of the District Chair. Although the recommendation of the out-going sub-committee chair is appreciated and considered it is not required for the District Chair to accept it.


Your District Chairman quite likely had another candidate he/she wanted to work with. It was tactless and unfortunate that the DE did not explain the nomination process or inform you when the chair made a different decision.


Hope this helps,

Bob White(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Sung with respect:



"Welcome back, I hope your back and if you are I want to shout, Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about.


"Well, the names have mostly changed since you hung around, but the same debates have remained and they keep going around (Gay, Atheism, Camo, whats proper to wear on a Class A, is there a Class A anyway? ) Who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya?


"Yeah, we tease him a lot, cuz we've got him on the spot. Welcome back


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Bob White,


Welcome home. Nicely put. It is indeed the duty of the chair to recruit. I think your take Eagle Foot's situation may very well be accurate. The chair is the one person to talk with in order to smooth things over. Confrontation is not the goal here, an effective program that delivers the promise in the district is the goal we should always seek.

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As a new to the job District Chairman, who has just gone through puting together the new list of "District Officers". Here is the way that I went about it.

The Annual District Meeting is held in December.

I called a meeting of the nominating committee, in September, the Committee comprised of the Key Three, the Nominating Chair and two other district members.

We met and went over the "List" making what changes that we felt were necessary. Then met with those that we wanted to see if they would take on the job.

The List was available to everyone to look at, then at the District Annual Meeting the entire list was presented by the Nominating Chair. and voted on, as presented.

One of my main concerns, as we compiled the list was NOT, to ask unit Leaders to take on District Positions. A unit Leader has a big enough task without taking on anything else.

As to any Leader attending the District Committee Meeting. It does not happen in my District. We invite and Welcome Charter Reps, but unit problems are presented by the District Commissioner.

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