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GS Gold vs BS Eagle

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2 hours ago, Scoutero0 said:

Participate in the fall and spring sales is required for earning the award. Something has to be sold to get the participation award. However, It is not required to sell hundreds of boxes.

https://www.girlscoutsla.org/content/dam/girlscouts-girlscoutsla/documents/product-sales/cookies/Cookie Program 2018/FAQs Participation Definition FINAL 2.pdf

That document does not say that a girl must participate in the cookie sale to earn gold award.   The requirment is that participation in both the cookie sale and the fall product sale is required in order to do any other money earning acitivities:


Q: I have two Ambassadors remaining in my troop. Both girls are working on their Gold
Award Project. They do not think that they will need to raise additional funds to
complete their projects. What should they do?
A: The Girl Scout Motto is “Be Prepared,” With that said, the girls should participate in
both the Fall Product and Cookie Programs and earn the participation patches. It would
be advantageous for the girls to have met the requirement, in the event that they need
raise additional funds towards their Gold Award Project, than to be in a position where
they need to raise additional funds and not have met the requirement.

This is encouraging the scouts to do the sales to "be prepared" "in the event that they need
raise additional funds towards their Gold Award Project".   It is not requiring them to do so.

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