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"Bob White" and others

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---quotes from other yaworski postings---


Well it looks like I irritate "Bob White" too much...


Bob (not his real name) White lives in an ideal world. Maybe "Bob" lives in Pleasantville, a world of black and white.


That's classic "Bob." He deliberately misconstrues what you write. He also twists your words and changes the situations to fit his imaginary world.


If you dare to disagree with "Bob," he stamps his tiny foot and quotes BSA scripture.


---end quotes--------


Ironic (to be making such a big deal about someone's nom de plume), if BW's findings are true.


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Did I miss something? Are Zorn & yaworski the same person? Or do they have the same IP address? Realize, the same IP address doesn't mean the same person. Sort of like a mailing address.


I will miss yaworski. He did liven things up a bit. If he & ZP are truly the same person, I won't miss ZP.


At times he was impolite & insulting. But then we all are in our own ways from time to time.


What I don't like is that one of the posters on this board felt it was his duty to rid the rest of us of his presence. Glad to see democracy still live on!


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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Ed, unless I misinterpreted SCOUTER-Terry's post in the other thread, nobody "rid" us of anybody, except possibly for yaworski himself, and maybe not even him. Terry said:


I'd rather not enter into a childish and time consuming game of blocking IP addresses from participating in the forums, so I'll leave it up to the forum members to understand the source of the message when reading.


So it does not seem like anyone was "banned." Terry has simply informed us that 2 "people" who have drawn a great deal of attention to themselves appear to be violating the forum's policy against "honesty in posting." Or more simply stated, one person is pretending to be two, for whatever reason. Terry leaves it to us to use or not use this information when we read and evaluate the posts for ourselves. That truly is the epitome of freedom of speech -- though Terry, as the owner of a private service, has no legal obligation to do so. We should be thankful that he does so anyway.


And, while it is true that 2 people could share an IP address, I have not seen either yaworski or Zorn deny the statement that they are the same person, in the 24 hours since it was made. That says something.

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True, NJCubScouter.


It makes me a little sad that someone would present themself as a Scout leader and, in fact, be practicing deception.


If this is true, yaworski, were you proud of yourself? V-e-r-y c-l-e-v-e-r. Boy, you sure fooled us. You even played tag team with yourself (ZP: "Good one Yaworski, makes me wonder how many here know what a ghillie suit is. :-)"). I'm impressed. I can't tell you what an impression you have made on me.


Oh, ZP, so clever and articulate. Ruthlessly correcting others' writing skills and grammer. Such utter contempt for others' speech, especially in your 'bad cop' role, ZP. Even while wrapping yourself in the flag and waving the Constitution in our faces. Obviously, we are not worthy of you.


Yaworski, if you really did this, I feel sorry for you. Obviously, you thought that some of your real ideas and opinions were distasteful, and so you presented them in a misleading manner. That way, you can vent your spleen in one persona so we would continue listening to your, ahem, alter ego. I suppose a real tragedy is to have excellent communication skills but no one will listen because the message is too repulsive.


If I/we have it all wrong, well, I am truly sorry; I really want to hear your side of the story. I think I can think of one way someone can hijack your IP and possibly pull this off. Frankly, however, it seems unlikely.



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