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The Origin of Man

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I'm wondering what all you Bible thumpers are going to do when we finally make contact with an intelligent extraterrestial species that looks like an octopus or lobster. Did God create them in his own image as well?


Wait, there can't be life anywhere else can there? The Earth is the center of the universe or so the church said for centuries.

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The first thing to note about your last post is that there is no positive evidence for your position. Instead, your position is based on trying to negate evolution. And your list does a poor job of even that.


"The cambrian explosion,"

Here it is clear you read too much Wells and Johnson. Try reading real scientists to get the true flavor of the controversy. Yes there is argument among scientists here, but not over evolution occurs because the fossil discoveries detailed in these books strongly support evolution. Instead the issue is how it works. Try these two books.


Gould SJ Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the nature of history Penguin Books, 1989


Simon Conway Morris, The Crucible of Creation. Oxford University Press 1998.


"[the] lack of speciation in the last 150 years since the theory of evolution was proposed,"

These links were given to you by Merle back in August. You should read them now. Then you could take back this unfounded assertion.





"DNA evidence that suggests common ancestory,"

Actually, this would support the theory of evolution. Common ancestory is at the center of Darwin's original thesis. And yes, the evidence from DNA analysis does support common ancestory.


"...etc all contradict the theory of evolution."

Not at all.


"It very clearly states that God created each plant with seeds inside unto it's own kind. It also clearly states that He created animals unto their own kind. Your answer to why the scientists think the earth is one age and is actually not is in the Bible too. Take an evening and start reading it. You'll be amazed how many of these questions it answers directly."


You always assume that others haven't read the Bible. I am well familiar with the first two chapters of Genesis. No, it doesn't explain the earth or the life on it as we find it today or in the past. Perhaps your church requires that members accept the Genesis creation story as factual. I know a number of churches that do. Most do not, mine certainly does not. I am not saying that Genesis is not true. It simply is not true in the way you seem to think it is.

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The 12th point of the law calls for you to respect their beliefs not ridicule them.


In that case, they should respect my beliefs by not thumping their bibles in my direction.


We Bible thumpers will tells them the story of Jesu


And their response will be, "You humans are so gulible."



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now, dang it! (can I say that here?) you guys jumped all over this and stretched it all out. I was looking to really get my hooks into somebody here and now I have too many rabbits to chase. I hoped to see a different idea and notion that has not been brought into this debate (if you can call it that) as of yet. I am gone too much to stay on top of all this.


But that is ok. I like others having their say. I really like expressing my views on certain topics (can you tell?). anyway, let me see if I can throw out a little food for thought.


OK. God can make all that we see and know to exist. If he can make it from nothing, then what is time to him? if time is nothing, then why can't he do it in 6 days? is that too hard for the one who made it all up in the first place? One of you guys talks like a Biblical scholar, but you seem to have missed the fact that in Gen. 1:5, the writer states that the evening and the morning were called the first day. Now, in my way of thinking, the singular evening and singular morning don't add up to 100,000,000 years in modern time. by the way, that same time period is mentioned in verses 8, 13, 19, 23, and 31. and in verses 14-19, he states that the two great lights (most people think this refers to the sun and moon) were made in a day, and in 16 refers to the sun being the little jewel(my pun here) that marks days for us. Yes, the same word is used here as elsewhere in Gen. actually, it is used around 2300 times in the Old Testament. I could give it to you in Hebrew, but it probably wouldn't mean much to you. any way, it sure seems to me to mean that in six days, you know, just like we have in modern times, God spoke the earth and everything else into existance.


If the Bible is not God's literal word, then where is His literal word found? If it cannot be found, then how can any one ever know what he really has to say? If you cannot ever really know what he has to say, how can anyone ever hope to please Him? or really follow Him?


Just food for thought.

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First, little billie, thank you for putting into words for me.


DeMann, I think that the Bible is the effort of man to put into words the understanding, of that time, the works of God. Since that time of no written language our species has translated, made PC (for that time), added etc,etc,etc.


When the original scrolls were written, amoebe, atomic interaction and the true movement of the stars as concepts were unknown precepts.


Once read a book where the sum total of human existence was to write the 6 million names of God. With the intro of computers this was acomplished and the stars winked out.


Just thoughts, why 6 days? if God is all powerful why not one? Maybe we are just a grand experiment. What about the beliefs of the other 5 billion people one this planet? are they all wrong? or is the answer somwhere in the middle?


" two hangmen hanging from a tree. that don't bother me at all"







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Just because my opinions don't jive with yours, please don't get the idea that the Bible is foreign to me. I've attended Southern Baptist churches in the Bible Belt of America for all of my 45 years. I've been a Christian for 38 years. I have a bachelors degree in Religion from a Southern Baptist university and went about halfway thru working on a Masters of Religious Education from a Southern Baptist seminary. I've taught Sunday School for many years, preached on foreign mission trips, served as a Youth Minister and am an ordained Deacon. I think I am very well acquanted with the Bible. It is from my study that I've learned much about the original languages it was written in and what the words actually mean as opposed to how they have been translated into English. God never intended the Bible to be worshipped as it is by many today. It's purpose is to reveal him to people. One of the raging controversies in the Southern Baptist Convention today is how the Baptist Faith and Message is slowly being changed to elevate the place of the Bible over the place of Jesus. My study has led me to a firm belief and faith. My suggestion is to quit reading popular books and delve into the Word under the teaching of respected scholars of the Bible. There is a world of difference.(This message has been edited by kwc57)

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I mean don't read the books off of the shelve written by authors with a particular axe to grind on a subject like evolution/creation to form your opinions. Study the Bible alone all by itself with the aid of impartial Bible study helps or Scholars/Professors to come to an understanding of God's Word. When we develop our relation with God thru his Spirit, he will reveal himself to us thru his Word. It is a one on one relationship that we come to with Him, not thru listening to the opinions of others in books. I do not mean to imply that you do not study the Bible. I'm just saying to form your own opinions and not let them be guided by what others say.

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Zorn, this thread is about how your particular religion plays into your ideas on the origin of man. By it's very nature, it requires discussion of our individual religious beliefs. What are yours? How do they influence your ideas on the subject?


KWC, I don't really understand the implications of your posts. First, I did not make any assumptions of your knowledge of the bible or of your beliefs. Second, to believe the bible is the word of God does not elevate it higher than Christ. Third, I appreciate your advice on studying the bible. I pray for wisdom and understanding each time I read the bible. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he is my Lord and Savior!


Rooster, your post was as always well thought out and stated better than I could. Thanks.


FirstPusk, you can't repeatedly question someone's understanding of a topic because they disagree with you and then feign emotions because they challenge you to tests of your own understanding on that topic. What denomination are you a lay minister in that advocates evolution?

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"FirstPusk, you can't repeatedly question someone's understanding of a topic because they disagree with you and then feign emotions because they challenge you to tests of your own understanding on that topic. What denomination are you a lay minister in that advocates evolution?"


I have asked one question which you have never answered. Instead, you want to settle it by some kind of trial by intelligence test. I am not concerned about a who is smarter argument. In order to move on, I granted you your IQ title.


Most denominations don't ask their ministers to adhere to a statement of faith on a literal interpretation of Genesis. Why do you need to know what church I go to? If you need to know it, I will tell you. First you need to provide the answer to my question. If you can't provide me with a viable scientific alternative to evolution, admit it. Then I'll even tell you the name of my dog and favorite brand canoe paddle.(This message has been edited by firstpusk)

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