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As soon as we get an address, suggest everyone send a card and a patch...perhaps a CSP from your local area? I understand that security may prohibit releasing his home address, but can we send it in c/o the Council?


In the meantime, the prayer chain is growing ... our thoughts and prayers are with you from Southeastern Virginia!



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You have no idea how proud I am to be a Scouter right now. The outpouring from the people that participate on the board brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.


If everyone can wait until Monday, I will have an address for you.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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Ed ... I am, on the other hand, somewhat disappointed. Of the 808 active users that I am starring at, we can only muster 13 well-wishes, prayers and concerns! We have well over 230 folks who have viewed this thread.


Come on Scouters ... let's cheer on our fellow brother and get him back on his feet soon! Let seek the blessings from the highest authority from your respective religion and pray for Mike Lahoff full and speedy recovery and nothing less!


Let's make this thread longer than that 12 pages in the "Politics Forum." Everyone who is reading this should join in ... Scouts and/or Scouters. Let Mr. Lahoff knows that he is volunteering for an organization full of volunteers who care and who are behind him 110% during his recovery!





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Senseless shooting, "gun went off accidently", black 18 yr old with history of trouble (aggravated criminal sexual assault, disorderly conduct {twice}, involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation, hisory of mental problems, on medication), arrest warrant issued day of shooting (for shoving a security officer at school), stolen gun, kicked off football team, ...


I'm sorry but I read about such senseless acts almost daily. In my neighborhood, a jewelry store owner had his mother, three young kids and himself all shot in the back of the head by a robber in the home just last week. Last year a 16 yr. old pizza store employee was shot in the back of the head for a few bucks. Babies placed in the trash dumpster, and on and on. Last night, a 51 year old man froze to death in the suburbs. He was wrapped in plastic sheeting in 15 degree weather. Before we receive more condemnations for talking about political issues as opposed to sending out our "get well wishes" to this unfortunate man, remember that many become numb to this type of news because if they did not, they would go crazy.


That being said, I wish for nothing more than the best recovery possible for Mr. Lahoff. I cannot begin to fathom the emotional trauma that he is going through right now, not to mention the physical. Please let him know that so many more are praying and thinking about him all across the scouting community and the world at large.


(This message has been edited by acco40)

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Please stop ... and allow me to withdraw my comment that seems to touch off other sensitive issues other than its original intent ... to get everyone to rally behind Mike Lahoff. No malice is behind my post other than its good intention. My apologies to Ed.


My prayers and best wishes for full and complete recovery to Mike Lahoff ... from a fellow scouter.


No more ... no less ... and no hidden meanings!


Good luck to all in your scouting journey!







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Thanks for keeping us informed on the condition of our friend. I see scouters as a big family, I mentioned our friend at my roundtable, asking for their prayers.


Many Scouters here in Los Angeles would like to send a card and best wishes. Either way let him know that Scouters all across the country are praying for him and his family.(This message has been edited by johnsned)

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