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hats indoors? yes or no?

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"Remember the days when it was considered proper to COVER your head while in church, especially for



I wouldn't say "especially for women." With the possible exception of a couple of denominations, it wasn't acceptable for men to wear a cap in church just as it was unacceptable for women to go into a church with their head uncovered.


I would guess that removing your hat in church is a sign of obeisance, much like a serf would remove his hat when talking to a lord.

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Rooster, speaking of Corinthians, head coverings and hair -


Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? {1 Corinthians 11 - 14}


I guess Jesus didn't have ready access to a barber but I digress.

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Don't have a bible handy, but weren't the letters to Corinthia written after the time of Christ?


And don't you have to know the author's definition of short?


Way off the subject now!(This message has been edited by scoutmaster424)

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I see it, but I don't know if it makes it right. I have no idea what the BSA policy was on this issue at the time of those drawings and photos.


According to todays insignia guide as Fscouter quotes, some of these are acceptible and some are not.


I am not changing my position, but I think I will bring this up at the troop committee meeting tonight and see what they have to say about the issue.


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The Americian Legion and VFW both consider the overseas cap (the cap),as the complete uniform. Many posts have a ceremonial uniform as well. The cap is to worn at all Legion fucutions, except at meals and in churches. We wear the cap for flag ceremonies, but remove the cap for prayers and the pledge of aliegence to the flag.


Scott Hemgren

Post 560

Zimmerman, MN(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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"while y'all are at it, could someone let me know if the neckerchief officially goes over or under the collar?"


Both. :-) It depends on the unit. Each unit has the option of deciding whether the neckerchief goes over or under the collar.


Back in olden days, the neckerchief always went over the collar. In not quite as olden days, the collar was turned inside the shirt when the neckerchief was worn.


When Oscar de la Renta designed the new uniform, it went under the collar which is where someone pointed out that the Hitler Youth wore theirs.


I prefer the look of the neckerchief over the collar and with the new shirts, it actually looks better if you don't turn the collar under.


Also, if the neckerchief is on the outside, it serves one of its intended purposes which is to absorb sweat.




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My response to a few items here: In the military we immediately removed our covers when entering a building. There was no saluting inside a building, either. At the base movie theater prior to the show General Westmorland led us all in the pledge of allegience and we stood at attention with hand over our hearts; but then, again, everyone wore civilian clothes off duty, I remember. As a Scout we wear hats, not covers. And we're not military, but we have the military background throught BP and we have formations; we have a bugler with the same calls; and we march in parades; and we conduct flag ceremonies. We camp 'in the field' and are prepared to survive in adverse conditions. We have designated ranks and a leadership heirarchy based on accomplishment and parsonal leadership development. We wear uniform uniforms i.e. patches are all in the same place, and we can identify each other as Scouts from anywhere in the world. Thats what uniform is. We are far more military than not and thats a good thing in my opinion.


Now: Scouts, religion, dining hall, and Scout hats. Fot the 2nd year in a row having attended Scout Camp I got into it over wearing a Scout hat in the dining hall. When notified that I was Jewish and it is customary to have one's head covered for prayer and at the dining table the issue was dropped the first year. This year the dining hall was run by a staff who was more than less tolerant of other than his familiar values. "You people are supposed to wear little beanies", he said. "We're trying to teach these kids some manners." I asked the camp director if I was not welcome or if other Jewish, or Moslem Scouts who were supposed to follow their parents wishes to keep the faith, by wearing a hat, not necessarily the orthodox headgear one would wear at a formal service at home, were not welcome either. Remember; Its Scout camp and possibly the parent dosen't want the Scout to loose another item. Of course the director didn't want me to leave and I was told the situation would be corrected. It took longer than it should have. The third day after this happened a Scout I hadn't met yet, came up to my table and thanked me for speaking up for the untold number of other Jewish Scouts who felt threatened to speak up when the command,"hats off" was sounded entering the dining hall. I'm afraid that sometimes as Scouts we have to look at the 12 laws from outside the envelope. We have to add "tolerant" under Reverent. Maby it should be a new law. But if we're all wearing the same uniform, isn't that implied? Dave Jacobs ASM 584, Seaford DE.

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Where do you get your information from?

There are two uniform options for wearing the neckerchief.

1)Under the collar

2)On top of a rolled under collar.


Wearing a neckerchief on top of an exposed collar is not a uniform option and never has been.


It would be helpfull to new scouters on this board if you would distinguish between the BSA program and your own.


Bob White

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Bob White and Yaworski. I would like and almost would pay money to have both of you together in a spit ball contest at 10 feet and listen to you discuss the proper way to do it.


Rooster 7, better than an adult? He is reflecting what he ahs been taught and we should be thankful that at least somthing has connected. As for respect from younger people--- i have lived longer and survived what they may face. I call our scouts sir or gentlemen and they call me mister. Recently one of our older scouts requested permission to call me by my first name, happily granted. Respect. As a side note how many teach scouts to stand and salute (appropriately) whtne flag passed in a parade? Recently, during a parade the flag was about to pass and boys in the troop in 'civvies' did not stand and were reminded that they were scouts and should stand and show respect for the flag.

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